Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Atas Birthday Dinner

Someone has joined the quarter-life group today; My childhood friend, Zylia!
Cannot believe we have known each other for so long already. Lucky her. LOL!

We hardly meet these days due to work and other life commitments, but I am glad we still continue to be there for each other's birthday. Even if it is just having a simple dinner.

Tonight's dinner was also simple, but really pricey!!! :O

So hooked onto Snapchat these days. Makes recording moments so easy!!
Have also been a little overboard with all the filters. :X

As with our usual; the birthday girl picks the dinner place.

After going through burpple, we settled with Burnt Ends (X) near Outram and boy were we not aware of what we got ourselves into!!!

The place was definitely not a setting we are familiar with. At some point, I actually felt a little..... uncomfortable? It felt more like a place for real adults to dine in, much less for us mere budding adults. Lol. I would definitely call us noobs because we were so clueless!

Didn't know what to order. Didn't know if we should order wine. Didn't know what wine to order. Didn't know what was presented to us. So much didn't knows!

The prices were also........ more appropriate for real adults. LOL!!!

It was still an enjoyable night though; facing the wall, having dinner and catching up with each other over foreign tasting dinner and wine. Something different to remember. :)

Our first course: Duck's heart ($10)

Wasn't kidding when I said we were totally not aware what we got ourselves into.

But surprisingly, the duck heart tasted good!! Just like any other intestines? Similar to Foie Gras, I would say.

Marmalade Beef and Pickles, ($14).
Zylia actually don't eat beef, so I don't know why we ordered this.................

But it was good. I love pickles! And it worked really well with the marmalade beef; kindda made the overall dish less sweet.

Ah right. We ordered this because there was nothing else Zylia want from the menu, and she thought it would not be filling enough for me? Lol.

Burnt Ends Sanger ($20).
Their pulled pork burger.

I am not a fan of pulled pork, I prefer thick slices of pork belly any day~ But this was good. Not dry like the ones I have tried thus far. Very nicely seasoned albeit too salty for us both. Very generous portion too!

&That was all.
Not exactly full, but good enough. Anything more and we'll be too full and it'll also be too much for the wallet. LOL. Then again, I had more since Zylia doesn't take beef........ So meh.

Just to be clear ah, I gave her the green light to order whatever she want!!! There was just nothing much appealing to her. The names were a bit too foreign to make a decision too. Lol.


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