Sunday, July 24, 2016

A 'Broadway' Saturday

It was an afternoon filled with music and laughter together with our Broadway Beng. I didn't knew Sebastian was actually on Broadway before... Always thought it was just a stage name because he's that good. Lol. Can't deny that he is though! Before I knew he was on Broadway before, I had always been awed by his vocal range and his stage presence... It's even more amazing when he breaks into his Hokkien songs and make us all laugh.

&Today, we attended his 10th anniversary concert. So fun! So entertaining. (: Also very impressed that it's his 10th year being Broadway Beng.... Just wow.

I never understood why plenty of us always put down local talents... We have really good talents in Singapore!! We are our worst critics maybe... But I know people who don't even give ourselves a chance to prove themselves otherwise..... 


We also had a really good meal after the show.... Indonesian fusion. Ate so much I thought my tummy was going to burst! Unfortunately, fast forward to 2018 today, the restaurant is no longer in operation. :(

It was also the family's first time exploring Capitol Piazza... Looks rather grand inside, but we didn't exactly spent much time exploring the place. :X

To more shows together! :)

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