Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Denim Date

Me, my gummy smile, and my beautiful girlfriends.
Earlier today, out on a denim date! ♥

Ever since these 2 ladies got employed, we hardly get to meet up with them both together.
It's an 'either or' situation now. Thanks to their erratic schedule. :(

But I'm glad we had some time today for a quick afternoon together! ^^
Pity Shan wasn't free. :( It would have been a perfect afternoon then!

Denim-themed and I love it!
That's the easiest for me to match. hehe.

Had lunch at POMO's Montana Singapore and tried really interesting waffles!
No pictures, but we had Bulgogi Beef with Kimchi Waffle and Red Velvet Waffle with ice cream!
A savory dish and a dessert, perfect for our afternoon.

The Beef Bulgogi with kimchi waffle was surprisingly good? Surprising and actually good; It actually tasted like... Kimchi pancake? But nicer because the meat is beef and it's a waffle not flat pancake, more texture. Then again, now that I am typing it out, I guess it was just surprising that it was nice because I did not think it would be? Since they could just use kimchi pancake mixture to make waffles..... The Red Velvet is one of the nicest I have tried! And I've tried just 2 so far. Haha. :X

This shot is so random, but so cute. (I mean me hahahahahahahha)

After lunch, we wanted to take photos so we walked around and chanced upon a nice wall at SOTA~ So more photos! Then we went shopping.

John came to find us in-between for a bit. Took more photos walking. Lol.
Can always trust to have plenty of shots with Karena around.

&Then, to more shopping!

Here's Jo and I while waiting for Karena to try on some new clothes.

&That was it. A simple Sunday out with a couple of my favourite friends. ♥

Life is good enough like that.

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