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Another side of KL


Last one already, but happy because this is my 4th trip!!!!! Still can't believe I managed to pull a vacation (short and long) every quarter, making 2015 one of the best and easiest year (so far). :3 Hoping I can do the same every year now?

Digressed, but more on that for my EOY entry. hehe.

 photo P1410096.jpg

Though it was just KL this time.... It'd been a great 3 days and 2 nights with Chiulee and Kesslyn. ♥

KL has never been a foreign country to me, since my family pretty much visits every year for Chinese New Year shopping (I was just there earlier this year lol), but this time it was different!

Then again, travelling with friends would always be different than when with family. Especially with my family.

I got to see a different side of KL. Instead of checking out the same malls I always go to, we went around checking out cafes and going for cheaper shopping - places that are similar to our Far East Plaza and Bugis street. With the family, it was always Mid Valley Mall, OneUtama, Pavillion and sometimes KLCC - All boutiques inside.

Then again, I didn't have clothes to buy when with the girls because the cheaper places didn't have clothes in my size. So yeah, we also went to Mid Valley on the second day and I got some clothes from there. HAHA. My family used to go to Berjaya Time Square and all, but we stopped since there were nothing much for us.

Okay, enough words - moving to pictures!

DAY 1: Arrival + Berjaya Time Square

 photo IMAG3075.jpg

Got a direct coach to our accomodation at Dorsett, Kuala Lumpur X. Picked it based on the coach route - Started at Conrad Hotel and then alighted at one of their stops. A lot more convenient since we are not very familiar with KL; Save time on further traveling too.

There were renovation ongoing around the hotel, but the place was good. Convenient location to Pavillion and Berjaya Time Square by foot, and I love the color of their room cards. hahahaha. It is in Tiffany blue and I still keep it! hehe.

 photo IMAG3077.jpg
Fresh faces despite the early morning.

 photo IMAG3079.jpg
Quick stop at Yong Peng for lunch before another 4 hours to KL.

 photo P1400967.jpg

 photo P1400964.jpg
Plenty of space for all three of us. ♥
The girls even had space to workout at night. Madness... I on the other hand just sat at the sofa area and watched. LOL.

 photo P1400965.jpg

 photo P1400961.jpg

 photo P1400960.jpg
Nice touch on the mirror.

 photo P1400968.jpg

 photo P1400969.jpg
Quick washup before we headed off to the nearby mall - Berjaya Time Square.

 photo IMAG3085.jpg

 photo IMAG3088.jpg
Simple dinner at Big Spoon!

 photo P1400971.jpg
Spoon looking like it's bigger than Chiulee's face. Lol.

 photo P1400972.jpg
2 bites each spoon. The concept was interesting, but the food were just okay....

 photo P1400974.jpg
These were served cold too. Pfft.

 photo P1400975.jpg

 photo P1400976.jpg

There weren't many shops opened that day though. This part of the mall was pretty quiet.

 photo IMAG3092.jpg
Love these flavoured buttered biscuits!

 photo IMAG3093.jpg
Pretty expensive though... but ♥

 photo P1400980.jpg
Quickly stop by Taipei that day too. Hahahha.

 photo P1400981.jpg
A small Taiwan area in the mall.
There are not many shops - mostly just selling food, and majority of them were closed! -.-

 photo IMAG3095.jpg
I guess we thought the tree looks nice so we took a selfie? Lol.

 photo P1400984.jpg
And another selfie because I prefer portrait to landscape. Lol.

 photo P1400985.jpg
The theme park area...

 photo IMAG3103.jpg
It is nearing Christmas!

Seems like a good time to travel and get the chance to check out the decorations done in other countries.

I would say KL had done a slightly better job in their mall decorations than what we have here... Favourite one shown later! There's not much decorations done on the street though.

 photo P1400992.jpg
Ended our day with something sweet!

 photo P1400990.jpg
Mangoes, and more mangoes.
I love mochi, so my favourite is the huge mochi and the tiny mochis. HEHE.

 photo P1400993.jpg
Sticking to the classic colors of Christmas! Isn't it pretty?
I like the snowflakes hanging around too!

 photo IMAG3105.jpg
Need for another shot, and..

 photo IMAG3107.jpg
...one with us!

 photo P1400994.jpg
And another one...

 photo IMAG3110.jpg
And another one! Lol.

It was a long day in Berjaya Time Square, checking out as many shops as we can and the girls buying as much as they want. The clothes here range from about... $8 to $10. Cheap! But of course, uncomparable to the prices in Bangkok. Still...

 photo IMAG3113.jpg
One of Chiulee's buys. A mini dress that perfectly describes her... She overthinks. Lol.

DAY 2: Cafes & Shop Shop Shop! @ Mid Valley Mall

Our second day was planned with quite a bit of walking, but.....

 photo P1410011.jpg
I have no idea why these girls decide to wear maxi dresses. Seriously...... Then there's just me and my shorts. KL is just like Singapore in terms of weather too. Mad warm.

Women and our vanity. Lol.

 photo P1410012.jpg
But okay luh, pretty girls for the day. Haha.

So, the itinerary for our trip was mostly planned out by Chiulee and we decided on a couple of places that are walk-able distances away so we don't spend extra on transport and such. Dorsett was a pretty good location! Near a couple of good malls and had a few cafes around.

 photo P1410013.jpg
Graffiti walls after a bit of walk behind our hotel.

 photo P1410016.jpg

 photo IMAG3117.jpg
Seeing a nicely built up place and there beside a building that is slightly worn down; Reminds you that you're in Malaysia... Lol.

But I guess this is just a spoilt Singaporean speaking. I like how most of our buildings are maintained every 5 years(?). There isn't much areas that has such a visual difference. Not that it matters to me la. Just saying.

The bakery was just a mini stop though.

 photo IMAG3119.jpg
So wanna have brunch here some day. The menu looks good!

 photo P1410022.jpg

 photo P1410023.jpg
Feeka Coffee Roasters X
It was stated to be about a 15-minute walk from our hotel on Google, but we took more than 30 minutes? Hahahah. Short legs, and distractions. But all is good when we arrived at this nice place.

Cafes all have similar setups, I guess? I didn't feel like we were overseas when we were there.

 photo P1410026.jpg

 photo P1410027.jpg
The interior! With a model-like Caucasian photo-bombing my shot. Hahha.

This place seems popular with Caucasians? There were just another 2 tables of Asians in the cafe aside from us. The table beside ours with the model-like Caucasian was later joined by her group of friends too!

 photo P1410028.jpg

 photo P1410032.jpg
Kesslyn and myself ordered tea while Chiulee went with a latte.
We also shared a big breakfast. The classic!

 photo IMAG3126.jpg
I always have to try stopping myself from ordering a big breakfast, but you can never go wrong with this!
Sausages, bacon and eggs! Simple but very filling breakfast.

 photo P1410037.jpg
We also shared a Salmon quiche and carrot cake!
The quiche was average, not much salmon. The carrot cake was nice! Not too sweet.

 photo P1410038.jpg
Satisfied breakfast eaters!

Thereafter, we took a quick cab ride to Mid Valley mall - Just 15 minutes ride. From where we were, the walk was 1.5 hours which is insane. Lol.

We didn't do much in Mid Valley except shopping, so there were no pictures taken. It's a huge mall, so there was a lot to see and buy. My backpack was stuffed (half with their stuff lolol) while the girls had their own baggage to carry. I was just so happy I got some nice tops from Ms Read!

And after all the shopping, we had to refuel!

 photo P1410039.jpg
Plan B cafe! X
This is located inside the mall itself. Near the other end where Ms Read is located.

My family (or rather just me), likes to take a break here whenever we're done shopping.

 photo P1410041.jpg
I had iced tea while Chiulee got her second cup of latte. Lol.
Also shared a serving of sweet potato fries and this Thai fusion pasta!

It's 2017 now, so I can't remember what exactly we ordered. But I guess it's not in their menu anymore because I couldn't find anything familiar in their current menu. I wasn't a fan of this pasta though, but I remember it was infused with lemongrass that was a bit too strong. Has generous amount of duck meat though! And a wee bit spicy.

 photo P1410047.jpg
We also shared a cake. All I remember is ... It's not nice. Lol.
Has lychee it in, but the cream was hard and the cake was not moist at all. Only good to look at.

After being refueled, we had to go on shopping! Lol.

 photo IMAG3141.jpg
Must-try when you're there.
Magnum is so affordable in Malaysia! And this cafe has special customisable magnums!

 photo P1410050.jpg

 photo IMAG3142.jpg

 photo P1410052.jpg

 photo P1410053.jpg

 photo IMAG3145.jpg

 photo P1410054.jpg
Black-Forest magnum in the making.

 photo P1410056.jpg
We picked something from the menu to share.

 photo P1410060.jpg
The middle of the mall.

Mid Valley Megamall is indeed a megamall, it is larger than Vivo City and even after being there a few times, I'll still get lost in the mall. Lol. Crowd is pretty much scattered though, which is good. :D

 photo IMAG3150.jpg
Here's us back in out hotel to offload before our second destination....

 photo P1410062.jpg
Isn't it gorgeous?!

Pavilion Mall X, just 5 minutes walk away from our hotel. There are mostly just luxuxy brands here.... Nothing much, but I go there for my favourite dessert in KL...............

 photo P1410067.jpg

 photo P1410064.jpg
Snowflake!!!!! X
They have way nicer taroballs than any we have here!
(Like Blackball and Ninefresh - though they weren't available in Singapore back then in 2015 yet. I think maybe Blackball started, but not as well known yet.)

Their taroballs are lighter and less densed than those from Blackballs, and are definitely larger in size than Ninefresh.


We shared that 2 bowls.
But I focussed on their bestseller. LOL. The girls shared the matcha shaved eyes and all that~

 photo P1410065.jpg

It could be a little bit difficult to find this place because it's not exactly prominent; just look for Innisfree! Right beside. I've been here a few times (say 3?) and I've never been able to easily find the shop. -.-

Innisfree prices here are slightly cheaper than Singapore too. Mainly because of our exchange rate. If it was at 2:1, the price is pretty much the same.

 photo IMAG3155.jpg
Another shot of their Christmas decoration from the middle. SO PRETTY!!!
Why is ours always so meh? :(

I was there for Chinese New Year too, their decorations are over the top!

 photo P1360656_zps9sricput.jpg
The same area, with so much red! Lol.

And I just read my entry from earlier this year X. We already have Blackball in 2015, and I didn't like that then too. LOL.

 photo IMAG3157.jpg
Flavoured ones! I liked them a lot and bought quite a bit home to share with my colleagues.

But! I have a bad habit of just eating them at home myself because I'll feel a bit unwilling to share. HAHAHA.
I like their curry and tomato ones. Gave the wasabi ones to colleagues because I don't eat wasabi. LOL. I also shared the rest I got luh.

 photo IMAG3158.jpg
That's the last shot in the mall.
We got the popcorns just when everything else was closing already. :)

Walked back to our hotel, and it started to rain!!!!!!

 photo IMAG3162.jpg

This is why it's a good habit to bring your brollies, even when you're overseas!

 photo IMAG3164.jpg
Kesslyn was using my umbrella. Not ideal for her to be caught in the rain then.

 photo P1410068.jpg
See how much popcorn I bought?! Lol.
That's like 10 packs! And wow, I didn't know I bought that many eyeliners then too.

 photo IMAG3165.jpg
Early Christmas gift from Chiulee!

Thanks to the wet night, we didn't have a chance to check out other eateries outside for dinner. But it's okay, their room service was affordable!

 photo P1410072.jpg
Dinner on bed!
(Only for photo lol)

 photo P1410073.jpg

 photo P1410074.jpg

 photo P1410076.jpg

 photo IMAG3166.jpg
Very sinful, but very happy. :D

DAY 3: Cafe & Home

Last day of our trip. It's always sad when you reach the end of a vacation, but we started it off with a good breakfast!

A good breakfast after a really long and a tad dangerous walk to the cafe.

According to Google, it would take us about 20 minutes to walk from our hotel, but I don't remember it feeling like a 20 minutes walk... Felt like we took more than 30 minutes! We also had to cross this huge ass road that didn't have traffic lights for pedestrians. It was crazy! Almost like their highway?! So dangerous. But we survived!

 photo P1410078.jpg

 photo P1410079.jpg

 photo IMAG3167.jpg

 photo P1410081.jpg
It is a real cat.

 photo P1410083.jpg

 photo P1410086.jpg
Clean interior and we decided to go up!

 photo P1410087.jpg

 photo IMAG3171.jpg
Not as nice upstairs, but we were the only one there so. Privacy!

 photo P1410093.jpg
Mini photoshoot after we ordered out food.

 photo P1410104.jpg

 photo IMAG3173.jpg

 photo P1410109.jpg

 photo P1410092.jpg

 photo P1410095.jpg

 photo P1410097.jpg

 photo P1410114.jpg

 photo P1410115.jpg
And tadaaaah!!!!
Kesslyn ordered latte this time for the coffee art, Chiulee had a shot of espresso and I stuck with tea.
Can't remember what tea I ordered, but I guess it was some fruit tea.

 photo P1410117.jpg

 photo P1410118.jpg
Ordered their waffles (their recommended) and Big Breakfast!

 photo P1410119.jpg
This Big Breakfast looks way more appealing than the one we had at Feeka, isn't it?
I love scrambled eggs!

 photo P1410122.jpg
This cafe was pricier though.
Cannot remember how much it was, but it was definitely more expensive than Feeka. I think it was priced the same as Singapore's cafe food after conversion. Insane!

Then again, they win with the food presentation and seem to have used better sausages. LOL.

After brunch, we headed back to pack up and wrapped up our trip going around some place one last time. I can't remember what place it was already, probably Pavilion Mall again. Lol.

 photo P1410123.jpg
Last meal for our trip! Madam Kwan's! X
I think it's available in Singapore already - In Vivo.

 photo IMAG3179.jpg
&The ride back home. :)
Reached Singapore a little late, around..... I don't know. I can't remember. LOL.

Waited for Dickson to pick Kesslyn up and gave us a ride for a quick supper at Tampines IKEA. :D

 photo P1410091.jpg
It was a good quick break and I would like to do it again.
Just a weekend getaway. ♥

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