Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Brand New Start?

It's July 2017 now, and Photobucket has decided to be a total bitch. They'd updated their photo sharing policy and now restricting third party hosting to all users, unless you pay $399.99USD/annual.

It's not exactly a very expensive price to pay for the amount of photos I have already uploaded for blogging purposes, but............................... I have 2 freaking Photobucket accounts. It just does not make any sense.


When I saw how my blog entries now look like, I was devastated.

Every single photo embedded in my blog entries over the past 10 years are now..... just the same stupid image. :(

Over 10 years. 
I have 1594 posts published. 

At least 1 thousand posts with photos embedded, but now? :( They are just filled with this stupid image because Photobucket decides that they no longer want to do the free hosting shit. 

And now, I need to get my own shit together.

What's more frustrating was... I JUST UPDATED THE LAST ENTRY!!! -.-

OKAY! Moving on. Enough ranting.

Realize, I should have totally just stayed with uploading pictures on

My 2008 photos are still here~

Like this............. LMAO.
From this ancient post: here!

Or rather, my photos uploaded before 2010 are still here.
So maybe not all 1000 posts?
Just 6 years gone? T_T The years I blogged the most though. LOL.

Must always look on the bright side.
So I suppose, I can take this as a whole new start?


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