Sunday, November 08, 2015

One For The Girlfriend!

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Met up with Karena earlier to pass her some of these Strawberry Jello Cheesecakes!
Look at the strawberry hearts! Pretty? ♥

I tend to have these random baking urges every once in a while... And I am always baking the same damn things like..... Rainbow cupcakes. Or these Strawberry Jello Cheesecakes!! Lol. Loser much. But, falling back on something familiar makes me feel safe. Since I already know what to do and how it'll turn out to be.. I know it'll definitely be good. :)

Life is challenging enough with constant changes, it's good to keep some things the same.

Beside, I hardly want to do these..... Cleaning is such a hassle, really! So, less often for people who eats it? Lol.

And so, this weekend was one of those days I felt like making a mess in the kitchen and whipping up something sweet! Also because I was craving for these cakes... I love these Strawberry Jello Cheesecakes! They not only look pretty, but also taste good. Hehe. People are selling a variety of such Jello Cheesecakes (there's blueberry jello cheesecake too!!!) at high prices, and since I had time to waste this Saturday, I thought... why not just waste my time instead of the money? Lol.

It takes damn long to make these though... Since it's a no bake recipe, you pretty much have to wait for each layer to be solidified. Can easily take up an entire day! But it's therapeutic. :D

And since it always ends up being a big cake, I also get to enjoy doing a good deed by sharing it with friends! Then, sometimes I get praises for doing a good job. Karena's always supportive and always telling me her mother enjoys them. That's why extra for her, and with special delivery! Lol. Praises are the cherries on the cake! ♥

So..... That's all to this entry.. Hahaha. Gonna share the remaining cake with colleagues tomorrow! Can't wait.

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