Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Relationship Goal

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They may not be the sweetest or the cutest duo.
They may not be the most peaceful or the most loving couple.
They may often yell at each other or have frequent fights.

But, they communicate well on other days and are aesthetically compatible!! They somehow can pass off as siblings, it's amazing!

I do not need a partner whose looks could be compatible with mine (better looking the better though, lmao kidding), but I would really want someone whom i can talk to and whom I would actually wanna listen to.


Like a bestfriend.

I realise today that my parents are good at that. Both of them.
Good at listening to each other.

They get engrossed in their own conversations ever so often, about their days or people at work, people they meet, and basically anything!

Sometimes about the way random people are dressed as they watch them cross the road.
Sometimes about the news and what they think about it.
Sometimes about us when we're not around - This I'm sure of because there are times where either one of them would reveal what the other things feel when we behave badly. Tsktsk. Gossip about their daughters only these 2. Lol.

There are many times where they'll both be so into the conversation that they'll not hear us (or maybe just pretend to not hear us). Like what happened earlier when I tried to be included in the conversation and they both just ignored me. LOL!

So yes... Today, while watching them talk in the backseat, I realize how compatible they are with each other. How important it is to have good conversations... And how nice it is to have someone who'll listen to you, give you sound advises and talk to you about their day. Someone who you'll wanna listen to as well.

Everyday, without getting sick of you.

Sometimes, even friends get sick of each other...

So it's nice, to know that my parents haven't got sick of each other.

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