Thursday, September 03, 2015

Blacking Out Part 2: Glass Cut

Growing up is a mysterious process. Really. You grow up to be wiser, bigger and supposedly stronger.... But, nope. Not for me this year.

(Wiser and bigger, yes. But not so much stronger. Tsk.)

Blacked out last night. From bleeding. Again. Hai.

This is the second time in a year. And both times hurting the same middle finger. Whaaaat, have I done wrong with my poor middle finger to deserve this? :(

I still cannot figure out if I am really afraid of looking at my blood, or if it's just my body's response when I suddenly start losing too much blood. Hmmm... Maybe I am really afraid of looking at blood. Wts.

One thing for sure, I am so bloody glad that my parents heard the glass crack and rushed to the kitchen. Otherwise, I might have just fainted on the glass that were around me.

Yes, I cut my middle finger after 'breaking' a glass. Zzz

Everything happened too quickly. I remember trying to pour myself a cup of water when the glass jug suddenly broke in the middle!! I still don't understand how that happened. And when it did, my right hand instinctively grabbed the glass even harder (yes, yes, very stupid).

Next thing I know, I was bleeding A LOT. It's unbelievable.

At some point, I forgot I was bleeding and started swinging my hands because it was hurting. Bad decision. The area I was standing got splattered with blood... More cleaning to be done. Hurrrr.

I didn't black out too quickly this time though. I believe I managed to stay conscious for at least 15 minutes.

When I realize I was bleeding, I immediately looked away (explains why I could actually forget I was bleeding). Couldn't take the chance to black out there and then. My parents rushed out from their room, saw what happened and slowly got me to a "safe zone".

We were standing infront of my refrigerator, me holding the handle and still conscious.

Still didn't look at my bleeding.

My mother took a long while trying to figure how to bandage my finger because the bleeding won't stop. The cut was at a tricky length too. She later said I may need stitches because it looked like a deep wound.

Then, I looked at my hand. Bad choice!!!!

Right when I saw the blood, I felt it all come again.

It was quite funny thinking about it now. Lol.

I started telling my parents "It's coming. It's coming." But my mother couldn't understand what I meant. LOL. Lucky my dad quickly got me a chair to sit. I was gone by the time I was done announcing my soon-to-come black out. What is thissss... Lol.

While I was gone, my head was spinning less severe than the first time. It felt like I just dozed off for a second.Swayed in a darkness for a bit. I woke up very soon later, but my mum was still not done figuring out how to bandage my finger... HAHAHA. We went with just pressing hard on my wound first.

The aftereffect isn't as bad this time too. I'm glad. Maybe I've indeed become stronger in this aspect! Lol. Not like I want it to happen a third time. HELL NO!

I didn't feel as weak this time. Not as dizzy this time. Spinning less severe during the faint. Good enough.

 photo 20150903_093733.jpg
The cut doesn't look that bad, huh? Doesn't look like I bleed as much as I'd said. But it's true!
Should have taken a picture of my walls before my mum cleaned it. Lol.

 photo 20150903_201629.jpg
Met up with Shan today! Had to show her my finger. Hahahahha. ♥

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