Sunday, February 22, 2015


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meeeeeh meeeeeeh meeeeeeeh~

Cannot believe I have lived 2 cycles of the Lunar Calendar. Lol. 24 years old soon. Dammit. Why is time in such a rush?! It's like I've just turned 21 and now, *boom*, I'm going to be half 50 soon. :( Okay fine. 25 next year, which is more than 365 days more. I should stop whining. Age is just a number!

Anyway, I digress.

How was your Lunar New Year so far?

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It has been the same for us this year. The usual reunion dinner (this year at my 2nd Uncle's place!), counting down and staying up late, waking the next day to oranges, wishes and red packets and then more visiting (which is actually... just 1 house). Lol.

Day 1 was a lot more boring this year though. The family barely did anything except eat and watch just a tiny bit of TV. Uncles all had their own plans thereafter. We also had other plans! I got Premiere tickets to "Vegas to Macau 2" for the family. HEHEHE. Bad decision for Lunar New Year though. Had to leave my grandma out. >< I shall remember to get another ticket for us 5 next year. :D

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Our first time going on Premiere and we all enjoyed it!
Shall get such seats again when there's an interesting 2 hours movie. :D

After the movie, we reached home past 9pm and rested a bit before........ WE PLAYED MAHJONG!!! :D

Just one thing different this year, the family started playing mahjong again. We played so so so much that my father dreamed about playing it. Hahahha. Mahjong is something the family has stopped enjoying for many years now. We would just play it sometimes but not often.

BUT!!! This year, we played it from New Year Eve to the first day of the Goat year to the second day of the Goat year to the third day of the Goat year! :O Not that we played it all way through. We just played it each time we reach home. Regardless how late.

I like this. Something for us to do, and win more money for the year ahead. Lol. My father is always the big fat winner though. BOOOOOO!

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Here's Day 2.
Dressed Sugar up to visit our maternal grandma.

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This Sugar is forever yawning when we take pictures. -.-

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Some usual family shots on Day 2! :D
The second day is sadly, the only day we'll dress up.

My family is considered small I guess? The paternal family visit us on the first day (we'll just be in new home clothes) and then we visit my mother's parents on the second day. That's all. Our cousin's would not even be at home when we visit... They'll be in Malaysia visiting their mother's grandparents. And then all we do is watch TV and eat. I like the oranges in my grandma's place though! Always the uglier sweeter one. :D

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Dad and his usual goofball face. O.O

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Another Sugar yawning picture.

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Us comfortably laying on the coach at my Uncle's place visiting our grandparents.

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&Here's Day 3! :D
Like any other family day out for us.

And I'm tired now. BYEEE!!!

11 more days till the Lunar New Year celebration ends.


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