Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Mummy's Birthday

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There was nothing fancy and there were no gifts. We just sat together and had a simple dinner together while watching TV. Like any other day. My mother hardly wants anything on these special days (Mother's Day too). But she would occasionally asks for gifts out of nowhere. lol.

My family's a little weird. My kind of weird. Doesn't mean gifts can only be given during special occasions, right? ;)

Anyway, rushed back from work today. Was a little frustrated that I had to OT a little when I'd clearly mentioned wanting to leave office early. And it's not even my fault. One should not cause inconvenience to others when they have poor time management for their own work. Tsk.

So! Aside from work. We had steamboat for dinner! Mother prepared the dishes, but I set the table and did most of the cleaning up. :)

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We also had a few guests. Here's the family with our beautician and her fiance. :D
There was also our cleaning helper!

It was a simple yet merry night.

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The lovebirds.

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