Saturday, January 10, 2015

2015's First Dinner!!

Following the annual New Year trend, here's the first dinner of 2015 with my happy pills!!! :D

 photo P1360492_zpssue9axuu.jpg

It's a good start. To meet up within the first 2 weeks of the new year. Lol. We have this plan to try meeting up every two weeks and I hope we can keep up to it. It's easy to meet up with just a few of us every so often, but it's so damn difficult to have a meal with more of us... Work. Life. Growing up.

ANYWAY! Last night was a good evening with my favourite people. Had dinner at Plaza Singapura's Hot Tomato. We wanted to head down to have some Korean Food at Concorde Hotel, but I cannot remember what made us change our plan. Hunger possibly? Lol.

 photo 20150109_220759_zps4utql2rt.jpg
People and their phones now. It can be annoying. Very annoying. Lol.
But that's not us most of the time. Here's us queueing at Bugis' Ah Chew dessert. X

We traveled down after dinner to meet up with Chiulee (who couldn't join dinner due to work). It's an awesome thing to have a car (or a friend who drives), because you can easily go from a place to another.... The few of us would probably just head home if we had to travel by public transport. Lol. /lazyasses

 photo P1360480_zpsodhqap2f.jpg
♥ Girls I won't think twice to confide in.

 photo P1360482_zps6bdl7yw0.jpg
Here's us in some garage nearby the carpark we had stopped our car.

 photo P1360489_zpsdn9z2pck.jpg
I like this shot! Gary's cropped off and Jolene's looking quriky. Lol.

 photo P1360490_zpsvtpjdh3q.jpg
Another picture of the big head being cropped off. :X

 photo P1360493_zpspsc6pqfr.jpg
Hanging out with anyone of them (best with all of them) is my favourite way of ending the week. :) Any day. Any week.

 photo P1360484_zpsmxdzucs3.jpg

 photo P1360487_zpsuz8h8tc2.jpg


ps: Happy Birthday to you!

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