Sunday, November 30, 2014

JayBitches High On Banana Cake!!

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Yesterday was simple, yet really fun. Chiulee and I wanted a simple JB day trip to relax and unwind from all our work and whatnot, but got a really good time with our favourite people instead. ^^ Got the other girls (Yes, Gary included lol) in the clique to join and casually went around JB for brunch, banana cakes, Escape Room game and dinner!

The things we did were not exciting but really therapeutic. Then again, whatever is done with this group of people is therapeutic to me. ♥

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The weather was terribly hot though!
Here's me waiting for Karena before heading down to meet the rest at Nex.

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Selfie while waiting for the train.
Miss this pretty bitch!

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On the way to JB!
Stuck in the jam.
I took the chance to read though. Muahahahhaha.

Reading a lot now and I'm loving it! I hope I don't grow lazy again and stop reading for a while again. :X

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Now among the girls, we have 3 short haired and 3 long (boring) hair. Hahahahaha. :X

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First stop was brunch at Faculty of Caffine!!
The place was really crowded! Took us about 5 ~ 10 minutes to get separated seats and another..... 20 minutes for the food to finally arrive. We were all famished! But, the food was good and all is good. :D

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Why can't they include this shooting mode for download into S5?????
This mode is so freaking useful!

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Here's us three separated from the other girls~

 photo P1360099_zps5b0287c8.jpg
Yes, I am going to continue including Gary into our 'Girls' because I am lazy and likes to tease him. :P
ps: I tried my best to exclude other faces but it was just impossible...... :X

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Shared this drink with Jolene and Chiulee. I REGRET!!
This is surprisingly very delicious for a simple iced tea! Cannot remember what was the combination we ordered though.

 photo P1360102_zps67fc80ff.jpg
Portion looks small because the plates are a lot bigger, but it ws very filling!
Eggs, eggs and more eggs!
Mine is the one in the middle. The eggs are cooked into such an interesting form! I love runny eggyolks. HEHEHE.

 photo P1360103_zps3faa8b84.jpg
Gary spoiling my visual.

 photo P1360104_zpscd43e019.jpg
^^ They shifted to behind us when there were more space.

 photo P1360112_zps4bdb1de4.jpg
Finally near each other, MUST CAMWHORE!!!

 photo P1360111_zpsb0989319.jpg

After this filling brunch, we headed out and Gary's table suggested filming a 'Cafe Hopping' instavideo. It was very embarrassing to bunny hop outside this cafe! The people inside might have thought we were crazy. Lol. It was also drizziling............

We later drove to this small bakery Chiulee recommended to get some banana cake. BOY! These banana cakes were extremely fragrant! And with everyone getting at least one small pack each, the entire car was filled with this yummy smelly banana cakes! It's not exaggerated to say we were almost high on the smell. Hahahaha. It was especially strong when we enter the car after spending a while outside (like....... when we left for the Escape Room game and shopping and dinner).

Before heading down to search for an Escape Room, we accompanied Gary to do some business transactions. Shared with my girlfriends how I spilled the beans a few nights before and they all say my lips are really loose. :(((( Noooooooo, I CAN keep secrets! Lol.

Few rounds around some place and we finally decide on a place.................................

 photo P1360113_zpsa438228e.jpg
Yes, we lost this game.

The game was stupid?! Not many proper clues to solve the things. The clues were everywhere with no clear indication of what was what and what was what. What what what? I'm tired and lazy to be clear. Lol.

It was still very fun though. We chose the second scariest game. A haunted Hotel! :D
I like how the entire place was styled to resemble a real hotel. I loved the eerie music effects to add on to the chills and the mini scares here and there. We did not appreciate the sudden scaring from the staffs there though... We were told there were no such things, and one of them even pushed and hit Weishan and Jolene. TSK! If we customers aren't allowed to hit the props and actors, can they do that to us?!!

Anyway, it was my first time playing this. I would so go for it again next time! But maybe play it only in Malaysia. Same price but different currency, it's crazy!

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Our very own Phua Chu Kang. xD

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After the game, we took another drive and found a nice place to have dinner and end our roadtrip.

 photo P1360128_zpsa72c21ce.jpg
Living Room Cafe!

 photo P1360123_zps2e3688ba.jpg

 photo P1360124_zps0eff0008.jpg

 photo P1360125_zps46d4e330.jpg  photo P1360126_zpsfa476cf4.jpg

Ordered quite a bit, but it didn't cost much. IT WAS AWESOME!! And best of all, the food was pretty nice too!

Some cute coffee art!
 photo P1360135_zps2cb10aff.jpg

 photo P1360137_zps8b8bf9f4.jpg
Pikachu! I really like this one! So different.

 photo IMG-20141129-WA0011_zpsc86d0b07.jpg
A wefie to send to my parents! HEHEHE.

And here are some of my favourite shots taken! :D

 photo 20141129_130225_zps078969bb.jpg

 photo P1360115_zps4807dbf6.jpg

 photo IMG-20141129-WA0014_zps548a9e6a.jpg
Happy me with my delicious dinner after an awesome day with my favourite people. ♥

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