Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Farewell Now.

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A random selfie I took to send Zylia few days ago, but so so appropriate for my entry and emotion today.
Last than a month ago, my supervisor whom I've grown extremely close to and learned a lot from within a short span of 3 months is leaving.

Today's her last day.

For an entire month, I wasn't sure what I was feeling.

I was first shocked. Extremely surprised.
And then I felt upset. Depressed.
Later, I got pissed. Frustrated and annoyed.
For the remaining weeks, I was bitter and angry.
I couldn't control.
And then when the farewell lunches begin, I felt nothing but empty and upset.
Today, I'm just sad. I almost teared when we hugged our last hug for now.

I get attached to people quite easily. Especially to people who opens up to me quickly and make me feel so comfortable with them to open myself up to them too. Shamyn was the first person ever. And now my supervisor.

The 3 months weren't filled with flowers, rainbows or unicorns. I had fair shares of frustrations and confusion with my supervisor. But she was a great mentor, at work and in life. I didn't expect our fate to be so very short-lived. I don't want it to be too.

But life is unfair and it pretty much suck. Things never go the way anyone want it to be. So suck it.

Anyway, I'm not being negative right now..... Just upset.


 photo 20141030_124221_zps45b791ee.jpg
She treated me to lunch last week.
As a way to 'Thank' me. I believe I have a lot more to thank her for than the other way round. But she's paid a lot more than me, so sure!!! I'm up for a free lunch anytime. xD

 photo 20141030_125138_zps8fa87ccb.jpg
At least we had a good lunch at Arbite.

 photo 20141030_131652_zps88581c24.jpg
With dessert!

 photo 20141030_123959_zpsf92532e8.jpg
And now I also have a few pictures with her. :)

 photo 20141030_124207_zpse82351b6.jpg

 photo 20141031_123925_zpse9e5594f.jpg
This was taken the next day.
Nakhon Kitchen at Ang Mo Kio.


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Till the next time. xoxo

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