Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September's Snapshots!

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Going through my blog entries this month, it seems like September had been more than just a roller coaster ride for me...... It even look as if I'm emotionally unstable. LOL. I think I am, but I guess I'm still trying to get used to work. :/

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Then again, I suppose I am still okay at work considering I still have the morning mood to take selfies. Lol.

ps: Today's meltdown was just temporary. At least, I came back home feeling less wronged.....? I don't know.

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Anyhow, visual entries are supposed to be less long-winded so I shall leave that ranting for another day.

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Masking ued to be my daily routine, but I realize too much mask makes my complexion even worse. Irony. Lol.

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How can my monthly updates not have pictures of Sugar?!
It has gotten a lot lesser these days though~

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Hardly have time to just stare at her these days.

 photo 20140925_073928_zps7cf8dc4c.jpg
But she's always so cute when she's sleeping or just lazing around....

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Especially when with my Father. hehehehehe.

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One of those September days I met up with 梅花 for dinner @ Bugis.

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Had BBQ Buffet @ Rocku Yakiniku and it was freaking delicious?! The beef were really tender, and some actually melts in your mouth?! For the price, the food was totally totally worthwhile! But.......... I got sick of chewing all the beef because 梅花 don't really eat beef. LOL. She also had some desserts after dinner. My favourites combined into one. Soft serve with Red Bean Taiyaki! ^^

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Some random afternoon I was waiting at the lobby for someone.
The exact scene I was looking at when I first came for an interview two months ago.
Oh how time flies.

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Flower viewing with supervisor even when I had a lot of work. :X

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First selfie with my supervisor. hahahaha.

 photo 20140919_084103_zps5ebd5c07.jpg
I'm actually quite proud I haven't mess up my workdesk. xD

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One fine evening having dinner at Antoniette with my sister.
The carbonara was a disappointment. I don't remember it tasted that..... bad. :(
I'm happy they have expanded their menu though. Can try other stuffs next. :D

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Cakes for the birthday girls (Weishan and Jolene).
Treated them to Hot Tomato dinner and had a nice time roaming around Nex before Weishan left for home and we continued the night with Gary, Lance and Eunice. It was a coincidence with everyone in the same place. It was a nice hangout. :)

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And I can't believe I typed so much in this entry. :P

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