Saturday, July 05, 2014

Friday Night with < 1.6m!

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Had a wonderful time with these girls tonight. ^^
ps: I miss Yugine! The annoying person who loves touching me and keeps repeating "Jasmine, you're my bestfriend" whenever we meet. xD But now, I miss her... Lol.

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Had dinner at Bugis+ Seoul Yummy for their Army Stew!

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& Dessert!!!!
It was mediocre to be honest. :X
We were suppose to go for more desserts after this, but end up shopping instead. Lol. The girls first went to La Senza to panty shop :X (they took damn long and bought a lot of panties please!) and then, continued the shopping spree at Bugis Street.

It has been such a long long time since I've been to Bugis Street!!!! If I am not wrong, the last time was with Weishan, Jolene and Karena many years ago! (Okay, I went to check, my last time to Bugis Street was in 2010. Freaking four years ago!!!!) :O

Bugis Street has changed so much!!! I've never really liked going to Bugis because of the horrible crowd in the train when going there~~~ And I've never thought shopping there was worth it. :X Now that things have been remodeled, the shopping was actually quite enjoyable.. Lol.

And so..... our Friday night ended with shopping.

OH OH! Before shopping at La Senza, we also camwhored a little. HEHE.

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After these shots somewhere in the mall, we proceeded to some shopping! :D
Even though it was just roaming around Bugis Street, it was still nice to hang out in that manner. Chit chatted and caught up with each other over dinner and shopping. ^^ Finally got updated with some of their love lives too. Hahahaha.

Can't wait to meet again this month, with Yugine. ^^ It's probably going to be our last meet up with all five. T^T Clara's heading to Austria for six months to study German and take up another finance certificate. So courageous of her to pursue what she want in a foreign country.

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&So, it was time for us to go home.

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The first few friends I've made in Polytechnic.
Super grateful to still be in contact after so many years. Even though we hardly meet now, these friends are still precious to me. :)

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