Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dinner With Uni Friends

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Had a nice dinner with Sera and Jeannette last night!
Weishan was supposed to join us too!!! >:(
It was just a simple dinner though. We got together because Sera was in town for an interview (she has been going back to JB very often lately~) and because it's been about six month since the last time we met. Lol. Took the time to update each other about what has been happening for the past six months. ^^

Had dinner at TCC and walked to Paragon for some cakes!!!!!!! at Bakerzin. HEHE.

Nothing exciting happened since it was a chillax night, so.... pictures!

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Jeannette looking cute and all smilely here while Sera's out of the picture because she was laughing. Can't remember why though. lol.

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These two are very bad at taking pictures, I swear!
Keep moving or closing their eyes or just unprepared most of the time!!!! Lol.

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I wanted their blackforest cake but it wasn't available. T^T
I was also craving for strawberry shortcake uh. BUT THEY WERE OUT OF STOCK TOO. T^T
Settled for their new york cheesecake and was satisfied. ^^

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Till next time with these girls! (hopefully not six months later again. lol)

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