Saturday, June 28, 2014


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Celebrated Gary's Birthday with my favourite people yesterday! ♥
It was a simple dinner and chill at Punggol's Wild Oats!

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Chiulee, Gary, Karena.

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Kesslyn and Weishan!

Samuel and Jolene arrived much later. Dinner was okay... My carbonara was too dry. T^T

It was a really simple celebration so before and during dinner, we were just chatting about random stuffs. The lighting wasn't fantastic too so not many pictures~ After dinner, we gave Gary a little surprise!

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Cute mini cupcakes and Gary the ugly. :X

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Singing the birthday song. Birthday boy sang along to prevent embarrassment. Lol.

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Calmly trying to take the cakes out................

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........ and then "OOOOOOH!" "AAAAAAAH!"
These people are so cute. :')

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June is the month for mini cupcakes! :D
But these are waaaaay better than the ones we got for Lance in JB. :X

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It's not just me that Gary's head look even bigger with these mini cupcakes, right?

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After taking group shots, we proceeded to clear the tower of beer by playing games. The funniest and funnest game last night was Jolene's "Chuckie" (or however it is suppose to be spelled).

The game starts off with two bullets and one person will begin by shooting these two bullets to two different person or towards just one. Shooting of bullet goes with the "Chuckie chuckie" chant~ And then, the person who gets that one or two bullets will proceed to shoot another person... The game ends when someone miss the bullet or just... mix things up.

The original game itself is fun. But we made it funner and funnier by changing the chants from "Chuckie chuckie" to "Hargow, Siewmai" and "Why You, Bo Jio". LOLOL!!! There were also other chants but I think these two were the funniest. (ps: Gary used cantonese cuss words too! lolol) It was a lot more confusing because they are not the same word. And one needs to have a lot of focus in order not to miss the chant you're suppose to take in and shoot out.

Does it make sense?! LOL. I'm not in a clear enough mind to explain anything right now. BUT ANYWAY!!! That's just how the title to this entry came about. :)

We also played the number game~ 7? Everyone goes around counting from 1 onwards; the number 7 and multiples of 7 is unspeakable. We have to clap instead. But Gary added another rule or two to make it even more confusing!!! Still fun. Especially when one keeps committing the same mistake. Funniest part during this game was when I mistakenly told Weishan to clap because I thought her turn was the number 7. Turns out I was wrong and she followed suit because she wasn't paying attention. LOL!! I got hit really hard loh this girl.

Our simple night got really heated and high thanks to the beer and the games. :)
These people never fail to make any hang out, a great time.

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It's pretty easy to guess who drank the most during our games. HEHE.

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Group shots with the camera on the beer tower! Selfie is better!

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Last group shot before we drove off to Upper Thomson for some UNO!

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Can you guess how many of us have squeezed into a four-seater? xD

We also drove Kesslyn and Chiulee home.

Ending this post with my favourite shots! ♥

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