Monday, June 30, 2014

June's Snapshots!

 photo IMG-20140611-WA0002_zpsc3a2b2cf.jpg
Here's another entry filled with Sugar taken over the month! :)

 photo IMG-20140611-WA0003_zps8cd04d56.jpg
Here's Sugar on my parents' new bed.
Apparently, the bed is way too high! Everyone of us has to use a stool to go up on it. LOL.

 photo IMG-20140630-WA0004_zpscb20a039.jpg
Night walks~ Lazy Sugar just sitting and enjoying the night breeze~

 photo IMG-20140623-WA0000_zps804aa72e.jpg
One fine morning, no one inform me that Sugar haven't had breakfast and I left home in the afternoon. :O
Here's her with her "breakfast" at around... 2pm?! Lol.
Dad fed her and she refused to eat.

 photo IMG-20140623-WA0001_zpsd7a0b9b2.jpg

 photo IMG-20140623-WA0002_zps7bb2ef07.jpg
And so... my Dad gave up and put her on their bed.

 photo IMG-20140623-WA0003_zps57eb0e8c.jpg
She's all nua and like "I'm sick, and hungry and weak..." LOL.

 photo 2014-07-07181416_zpsc1cd3fed.jpg
Here's Sugar and a moth. Happened just tonight!
She's like curious about it but when it comes near her, she freaks out. LOL.
It was damn funny to watch.
But my sister hid in a corner because the moth was super active!

 photo 2014-07-07181415-1_zps9fadc9d4.jpg
Moth 1, Sugar 0.


 photo 20140612_095719_zps670abb35.jpg
One day, I woke up and saw this...
So funny!
Father and daughter sleeping.

 photo IMG-20140611-WA0000_zps1164c57e.jpg
&This is the next morning.
My father calmly doing reiki but you see Sugar letting herself go and like.... flashing her body. LOLOL!!!

 photo 20140620_205116_zpsf034c540.jpg  photo 20140620_205120_zps5f82d206.jpg
One of the Friday nights with Mei Hua! :D
Ice Edge icecream after a satisfying Korean dinner. ^^

 photo 20140609_173723_zps62bdb5e6.jpg

 photo 20140609_173843_zps527ca6ff.jpg
Walking Sugar one fine day and the sky was so blue. ^^

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