Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 24th.

Today's a really nice day.

It's the day two VIPs in my life were born, and it's a day Weishan and I spent the entire afternoon baking for these two VIPs. ^^

Father's day was just last week (&coincidentally just a post back), and yet today's another special day for my father! It's his birthday!!!! Heh. Because these two special days are always so near each other, it's always difficult to decide on what to prepare for him. Then again, I also get to cheat a little by preparing just one card, and then doing something special on the other day. Lol. This year, I baked a few Blueberry cupcakes! :D One of his favourite flavoured cupcakes. I am glad premix never disappoints and my Dad enjoyed the cupcake. ^^

Since we didn't wanna bake too many cupcakes, knowing we'll end up throwing most of them later, we decide to use half the mixture for the cupcakes and the other half for Gary's rainbow cake in a jar.

Unfortunately, It's also Gary's birthday today too! The other VIP in my life. Except... the 'I' doesn't stand for 'Important' but 'Irritating' LOL. Here I am blogging while waiting for him to drop by my place and collect the cake. HEHE. Could have had Weishan pass it to him but she was afraid the cream would melt before she reach her home. :O I'm just really happy we manage to bake the cake really prettily and whipped the cream successfully. Lol.

ANYWAY!!! Pictures~~~ ^^

 photo P1040853_zps590341d3.jpg
Here's us trying out the cake with whipped cream that was dyed a little too blue to match with the rest of the cakes~
Super thankful she was there to do it together. ♥

 photo 20140624_124152_zpsa2dcb0bb.jpg
This is how we cool our cakes. xD

 photo 20140624_141340_zps02db5d15.jpg
Weishan and her shaky hands, slicing the circumference of the cakes to make sure it is the right size!

 photo 20140624_141300_zpscaed2dac.jpg
And then we realize these two colors resembles the sponge people use to wash dishes!

 photo 20140624_141508_zps3785c7f2.jpg
Anyone wants to do the dishes with these? Lol.

 photo P1040854_zps6ba0bf6c.jpg
It was 3 long hours in the kitchen but very much worth the time! :D

 photo P1040856_zps061f9eb1.jpg

 photo P1040851_zps6c09a63f.jpg

&Since Gary's rainbow cake in a jar turn out so girly and pretty, here's more shots of it! :D

 photo P1040845_zps2fff422b.jpg

 photo P1040846_zpsc5484bc8.jpg

 photo P1040848_zps4ce16cc5.jpg

What a coincidence! Just when I'm done going pass his cake, he called and arrived to pick up the cake. I hope he likes it and I hope it taste as good as it looks. ^^

 photo P1040864_zpsf1dfb5eb.jpg
Other than the cupcakes, the family had a delicious dinner to celebrate our oldman's birthday. PICTURES!

 photo P1040857_zps84aadee7.jpg

 photo P1040858_zps22f3fa68.jpg

 photo P1040859_zps9aacfc15.jpg  photo P1040860_zps68c6c87e.jpg

 photo P1040862_zps1a99775f.jpg
Here's us camwhoring with the camera sitting on a few items stacked together!
There were definitely many people watching us because we were seated in the middle of the restaurant. LOL.

 photo P1040863_zps3de65c24.jpg

 photo P1040861_zps9362fdda.jpg

 photo P1040865_zps632bab7e.jpg

 photo P1040855_zpsbf9de5fe.jpg

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