Monday, May 12, 2014

Sushi Making

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I've been missing this girl like crazy.
It's very normal for me to miss people. Especially during this period where I'm mostly at home doing nothing much. Lol. I've been seeing Jolene and Weishan a lot more than this busy girl!

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And we finally met up to make some sushi!!! :D

I love these girly moments. Exceptionally precious to me because when work finally kicks in, all these leisure time would be almost non-existent. :( While making our sushi, we were catching up with a lot of things. Mostly her SIA interview experience.

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:) Her sushi with crabstick that's hardly in the middle. Hahaha.
Also, on her $2 plate from Diaso solely for the purpose of taking pictures. Hahahahaha.

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 photo CIMG4399_zpsc7205990.jpg  photo CIMG4400_zps190e21e3.jpg

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We made more than these. But these are for her family.

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Is it obvious which are mine? LOL.
I make use of one sheet of seaweed straight instead of cutting them into half. Made them into a riceroll because it'll be easier to eat.

 photo 20140512_160652_zpsbdbda250.jpg
Obvious size difference. LOL.

This Karena was freaking slow though! When I was done with two big ones, she was still stuck with her skinny one. Hahahah. She was spending most of the time talking and filling me up. Her mouth moves and hands stop. So cute.

 photo 20140512_161353_zpsd72ca6dc.jpg
Later decide to help her. Mine way nicer hor? :X
The top one. Hahaha.

It was a fairly short time together because we both have after activities.
Sugar was also with us! ^^ She was hyper for a while before she started resting. And then when Karena's brother came back, she started going crazy running up and down her house. Hahah. I later found out this silly dog actually went up to their rooms and played on their beds!!! :O So so so naughty! I heard she also bit their soft-toys. Hahah. This kaypo. I'm so glad her family isn't that anal about dogs and I'm relieved that I cleaned her paws when I reached her place. :D At least her family won't hate Sugar, right?

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Overexposed pictures also nice!

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 photo CIMG4433_zps71c6d18e.jpg  photo CIMG4434_zps94e4db13.jpg  photo CIMG4438_zps65716aee.jpg  photo CIMG4439_zps163bc37f.jpg

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