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Kesslyn's 23rd Birthday!

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Because today is reserved for her boyfriend, we met up and celebrated her birthday yesterday instead. It was fairly simple yet expensive. LOL! It's the 9th year we're celebrating her birthday, and we're still planning surprises for this girl. :O IT'S BEEN 9 YEARS!! And for 9 years, most of her birthdays would create a hole in my wallet... This year is no different. A hole in my already holed wallet. xD But all is good because she enjoyed the celebration, and we were all happy. ^^

Our surprise wasn't really successful though. :( She was surprised. But not the way we planned. Lol. We wanted to scream "Happy Birthday!" when she come down from her office, but because she came down without messaging us, we almost miss each other. LOL!! /fail

The weather was terrible by the way. It was so so so crazy hot that it didn't take me to reach her office to sweat a bucket. And her office alley was...... so covered(?), Jiaxuan and I had a terrible time trying to cool ourselves down. We probably sweated ten buckets of sweat combined. x,x It was so so so crazy hot that our faces were oily even before arriving at Kesslyn's office and my cakes were....... ruined. T^T

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Got her balloons because she loves helium balloons.
Purposely picked a Hello Kitty one for her because she loves this cat! And also because we secretly wanted to make it embarrassing to walk around with it. Lol.

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Us with our matt makeup still.

We waited quite a long while for Kesslyn to come out because her meeting was delayed. x,x
It was during lunchtime. Imagine all the working people coming down and finding us with these balloons and flowers..... x,x Embarrassing much. I even tried to reduce the attention by facing a corner. Apparently, it created even more attention because people started to look even more trying to see my face. Lol.

 photo P1040293_zpse0d88134.jpg
Flowers Jiaxuan got for Kesslyn.

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 photo P1040300_zps43614208.jpg

If I am not wrong, we waited for about and hour............

The first thing she said to us after being all surprised was "huhhh. Why buy this balloon??? So paiseh" and then later repeated "Can I leave it in the office?" a few times.

Walao. This person........... T^T

She later claim that she isn't a Hello Kitty fan. WHAT A JOKE!!! She owns a Hello Kitty blanket, bedsheet, phonecover, ezlink, and almost the whole Hello Kitty collection from MacDonald's.... How is that not a Hello Kitty fan ah?! LOL.

So anywayz, we took a few more pictures before finally leaving her office. She bought us salad for lunch and we strolled to Chinatown under the scorching hot sun to the Ten Dollar Club. Because we were twenty minutes too early, -,- we had to sit somewhere nearby. Had lunch while sweating even more and then finally proceeded for some karaoke session.

It was $11 for five hours but we definitely did not fully utilize our time to sing. LOL! We spent about half an hour cooling down, another hour or so camwhoring and, also took turns to make calls and what not. Towards the end of our session, the three of us were just sitting down staring into blank.

Okay.... PICTURES!

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Cooling down...

 photo P1040304_zps097b28ae.jpg

 photo P1040305_zpsc7376241.jpg  photo P1040306_zpsf9285e8f.jpg  photo P1040307_zps7838fba0.jpg  photo P1040308_zpsfafe1328.jpg

 photo P1040311_zps9c15715f.jpg  photo P1040318_zps8ae62478.jpg  photo P1040319_zpsf8124520.jpg

 photo P1040327_zps0d057732.jpg

 photo P1040328_zpsbff1fcb4.jpg

 photo P1040329_zps030d5c8d.jpg

After this point, we sang quite a bit until I recall my cakes.... T^T
I am so so so glad that I took before pictures. At least.... better than nothing?

 photo P1040276_zps04c263c2.jpg
I spent about half hour doing this uh! Simple flags but I had to trace and fill in the blanks because the paper was an ass.

 photo P1040278_zps6fc65ef5.jpg

 photo P1040283_zps45c40673.jpg
It's like... xoxo

And here's what the heat made them...

 photo P1040330_zps615282b8.jpg
Damn wtf.
But I only have myself to blame. Should have just took it out when we surprised her. Since I already know this would happen.

 photo P1040446_zps430b2b0d.jpg
We didn't eat it in the end because I was afraid the cheese would spoil.
Still, pictures! :D Lol.

More pictures!

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Yes, we have a selfie stick! Kesslyn's.
My camera is too freaking heavy though. LOL.
If only I have long arms~~~~

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We were still using the stick. Lol.

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 photo P1040447_zpse68a6cd2.jpg  photo P1040448_zps54245ae4.jpg
Dinner at No Signboard Seafood!
Vivo City's outlet.

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 photo P1040453_zpsbe62d981.jpg
Bill came up to a whooping $160+
Crabs~~ But it was good. ^^

 photo P1040454_zps6d9c5295.jpg
Birthday girl has the honour to eat two Gongs! She eats so many gongs, that's why she's such a gong person. LOL.

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