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It's now the second of March... My birthday is over. (So fassssssssst. lol.)
But at the same time, three other friends are born today 23 years ago. Hehe.

I've been really really blessed to have plenty of friends wishing me, and initiating to meetup and celebrate my birthday this year. ^^ Even though I wasn't exactly hyped up for my birthday at first, I was still very very happy and grateful on my birthday. :D

Thank you to all those who has wished me a happy birthday.
Thank you to all those who has celebrated my birthday with me in advanced.
Thank you to all those who are going to celebrate my birthday with me belatedly. ^^
&Especially, thank you to my clique of friends who has, again, spent my birthday together with me. ♥

 photo P1020522_zpsc62df529.jpg

As mentioned last night, I thought today would be a long day with my favourite people as we do a celebration similar to a relay. Brunch with Jolene and a few others, dinner with Weishan and a few others and then supper with Karena.

Well, I thought.......

 photo DSC05823_zpsa926659d.jpg
The day started normal. Kesslyn and I were late. :x
Everyone arrived (except Jolene who was cramping) and we were having a tough time deciding what to eat.

 photo DSC05826_zps48cca75f.jpg
Their menu on the wall!

 photo DSC05827_zpsbca9919b.jpg
Ah! Brunch place was at SPR Market.
The place was nice.

And it was seemingly going to be a relatively simple celebration UNTIL...............

 photo DSC05828_zpsba02db02.jpg
Gary filmed it down. But apparently, he didn't film much. LOL!

&I was definitely smiling until my gums were visible. LOL.

These sly people. LOL.

I thought Weishan had some family commitments for the day.
I thought Karena was working at the IT Fair (I even chased her home the night before please)
&I thought Lance was busy studying.

Well, I thought.....

Love these sly friends I have. :x LOL!

 photo DSC05829_zps02f5816f.jpg

 photo DSC05830_zpsbcab27bb.jpg

Some of them actually thought I would have guessed it.
Since the reservation was made under 'Karena' instead of 'Jolene'.
&There were three extra seats instead of just one when most of us were already there.

Honestly, I think my surprise sensor is spoiled.
These people have done it SO MANY TIMES but I am still clueless.
Especially this year.

I blame my lack of excitement. LOL.


 photo DSC05831_zps49ce3efd.jpg
So,,, here's the official start to my entry! lol.
My birthday celebration with my lovely clique of friends (Jolene was really late).

 photo P1020524_zps1980191b.jpg
Truffle Fries!
Again, I ate only one. LOL!

 photo P1020527_zpseabb8b62.jpg
Soohou, Lance & Karena+Weishan ordered this.

 photo P1020528_zps489f9a3f.jpg
Smoked Salmon Spinach Omelette.
Except, I didn't order this and Soohou made the wrong order. Lol.
It was nice though, just a bit too salty to my liking.

 photo P1020530_zps0ac9f9b3.jpg
Gary's wrap!
Very nice! &I love the twisted fries.
Just... normal twisted fries. Lol.

 photo P1020531_zpse6485336.jpg
Eggs Benedict Weishan + Karena ordered.

 photo P1020532_zps4120aaaf.jpg
Kesslyn and Samuel had this.
Beef cubes.......

I can't remember what Jolene ordered but one of our orders repeated.

Not that what we ate is important right?! LOL.

 photo DSC05850_zpsbed26385.jpg

 photo DSC05851_zps177963be.jpg

 photo DSC05853_zps5d6af82e.jpg
Pictures taken with both our cameras.
The ones a tad more warm-ish are from Soohou's DSLR!

 photo DSC05854_zps5b0426c9.jpg

 photo P1020533_zps3cd0591d.jpg

 photo P1020534_zpsff6affcd.jpg

 photo DSC05857_zps12491566.jpg
The place looks really cozy but because we have too many people, we have no choice but allow the table ruin my group shot. >:(

 photo DSC05858_zps70d60d19.jpg

 photo P1020537_zpsf0e756ed.jpg

 photo P1020539_zps05a231cb.jpg

 photo P1020540_zps070cae0a.jpg
The surprise crew!! ♥

 photo P1020541_zps7f62757c.jpg
This Lance and his Pooh Bear gift. :D

 photo DSC05868_zps48c483e5.jpg

 photo DSC05869_zps095aa526.jpg
Some of them looking down because Soohou dropped something just as he took this shot.

 photo DSC05870_zps3cb69692.jpg
Outside SPR.Market!

 photo DSC05871_zps8d5a2289.jpg

 photo DSC05872_zps5e9bb6cd.jpg

 photo DSC05873_zps2d38b70a.jpg

 photo DSC05874_zps8e892afa.jpg

 photo DSC05875_zpsee31a9a2.jpg

 photo DSC05876_zpse2d7db9a.jpg

 photo DSC05878_zps3eb3acd7.jpg

 photo DSC05879_zpsb99a2771.jpg

 photo DSC05880_zps1a812804.jpg

 photo DSC05881_zps51d37f6a.jpg
Loving the "masks" Weishan drew and colored.
Except, my nose was drawn damn huge la!!!! Lol.
Even if I have a huge nose, she should have drawn it a bit smaller ma...
 Right? Lol.

 photo DSC05882_zpsbaf79843.jpg

 photo DSC05883_zpse8dad3d9.jpg

 photo DSC05884_zps7b30a411.jpg

 photo DSC05886_zpse2ae7510.jpg
I like the one with my pink hair most! xD

 photo DSC05887_zps7aa251fc.jpg
Group shot!!!
Except Gary's huge head blocked mine and Lance + Samuel was totally not interested. Lol.

 photo P1020548_zps080f6b4f.jpg
Took selfies with everyone but more on that later. xD
ps: I took two shots with Weishan (she requested!) so, here's one first. ;)

Just like last night with the girls & Bing Cheng, we had a tough time deciding where to go next. Most of them has after plans so we had to think of something that everyone can do before they leave. Strangers' Reunion. Haji Lane. Nearby chill. Ice cream place!

There were plenty of good suggestions! But I have no idea why none of them went through. Lol. Possibly because I really did not want to make any decisions? I was fine with anything and everything. And everyone were also fine with anything and everything. -,- LOL. So in the end, we decide to go by Bugis+. Supposedly wanted to play the Exit Plan but we spent too much time searching for the pork jerky shop Lance was getting his jerky from. I blame the Bakwaaaaa! lol.

In the end, there were no rooms that could fit into everyone's schedule. We end up just taking pictures. :)

Even before finally deciding on that, we were stuck outside Gong Cha trying to decide what to do. Karena asked me to make a decision since it's my birthday. But, I was so....... meh that I replied because it's my birthday, I don't wanna make any decisions. :X Lol. But really, I didn't have any idea what to do. Just sitting around with each other or staring into space with them would a good time together. Hahah.

 photo P1020574_zps61bdae8a.jpg
So, our group shots! :D
ps: Too lazy to arrange them ah. SO SPAM!!!!!

 photo DSC05895_zpsd842cce4.jpg
Unprepared but check out Lance showing his butt.
&Gary looking all solemn in one corner. LOL.

 photo DSC05897_zps8f65f3bd.jpg

 photo DSC05898_zps8228c037.jpg

 photo DSC05900_zpsf05e2b8b.jpg
I just realize Jolene didn't change her pose at all in these previous three shots. Lol.

 photo DSC05902_zpsf8acf36f.jpg
:') Everyone looking happy.

 photo DSC05905_zps736aa7a6.jpg

 photo DSC05910_zps1c4b69a6.jpg

 photo DSC05911_zps6cf1d0de.jpg

AH! This was taken on the rooftop level of Bugis+.
Nice backdrop, right? And really awesome lighting for awesome pictures. ^^

 photo DSC05912_zpsce05a742.jpg

 photo DSC05913_zps0d23b054.jpg

 photo P1020555_zps119e8e00.jpg

 photo DSC05924_zps2e90d7b4.jpg

 photo DSC05925_zps78f79031.jpg
&In these three shots, you can see Soohou and Karena trying to be funny trying to kick my face or something. Lol.

 photo DSC05926_zps8b535825.jpg

 photo DSC05927_zps7589b748.jpg

 photo P1020559_zpsd04c9a24.jpg

 photo P1020560_zps29d93a3b.jpg

 photo DSC05928_zps81535c43.jpg
What the hell, Sam??? lol.
&Soohou's face look constipated here. :x

 photo P1020564_zps64def4a2.jpg
Lance look like some giant kid pointing at something, right?
And Weishan acting all cute. CHEH. Heheh.

 photo P1020565_zps1aeed571.jpg

 photo P1020566_zps23c35ea6.jpg

 photo P1020567_zpsb3af1038.jpg

 photo P1020569_zpsdc23c611.jpg

 photo P1020570_zps3546caa2.jpg

 photo P1020568_zpsd7920aac.jpg

 photo DSC05923_zpsec528911.jpg

Aside from these group shots that are proper and some candid, there are also some "wtf they doing" pictures. LOL.

 photo DSC05935_zps810c6b89.jpg
The series of "wtf they doing" pictures.
Starting with Jolene's expression that totally express my thoughts when reviewing the pictures. hehe.

 photo DSC05917_zps19140a3e.jpg
This Soohou like monkey like that, jump jump jump.

 photo DSC05922_zps220d9b00.jpg
See, jump

 photo DSC05930_zpsd4d000c6.jpg

 photo DSC05931_zps5f86d92e.jpg
&Here on, you can see how Lance has really bad timing.

 photo DSC05932_zps7cc09ec7.jpg

 photo DSC05933_zpsf740fbbb.jpg

 photo DSC05934_zps98683ca7.jpg
HAHAHA. Lance the funny man.

 photo DSC05936_zpsa8bf3299.jpg

 photo DSC05937_zpsf99d2838.jpg

 photo DSC05943_zpsf10d5735.jpg

 photo DSC05944_zps95a614eb.jpg
I guess Lance just gave up taking pictures and decide to walk around. Lol.

 photo DSC05945_zps89b70daf.jpg

 photo DSC05946_zpsf5303c1b.jpg

 photo P1020554_zps453d2548.jpg
Weishan here again, acting cute. Lol.
Not even looking at the right camera lo. hurrrr.

Am so going to be called for making these captions ah. :x

 photo P1020561_zps1a9a0a0b.jpg
So, did Soohou fell down here?
Or just decide to crawl in the picture?! lol.

 photo P1020563_zpsf7c6b27a.jpg
Lance looking like a giant kid again.
And Gary, acting all model-ish when I think his shoes don't match with his outfit. :X

 photo DSC05929_zpsc738355a.jpg
Viewing all the pictures, I had that exact same expression.
These people are crazy.
My very retarded friends that I love a lot a lot a lot. HAHAHAHAH.

Thereafter, everyone left for their own activities. And the girls (less Kesslyn), headed over to Lance place.
We were supposed to be singing songs. But his Karaoke system is done. :(((
So, we end up watching a movie together before going for some Bak Kut Teh for dinner! :D
Except, Jolene left to go home for her next party.

 photo P1020582_zps1b0f871a.jpg

 photo P1020583_zpsf6c7fb1b.jpg

 photo P1020585_zps147eff3f.jpg

 photo P1020586_zps04a97e45.jpg

 photo P1020588_zpsa060b818.jpg
Don't be shocked to see her picture pasted on it in future ah. ;)
Our future ah jie. HEHE.

After dinner, we headed down to oblong for icecream and waffles!

 photo P1020589_zps08eb7598.jpg

 photo P1020592_zps4b2c269d.jpg
Not crazy about the Jack Fruit ice cream though.
/pinch nose/

 photo P1020594_zpsc99e196b.jpg

 photo P1020591_zps9f29c066.jpg

&That's the end to my birthday celebration.
BUT OH!!! It wasn't the end. Lol.

Lance dropped us at Hougang 1 where Weishan, Karena and I finish off the night at MacDonalds just chilling. :)
Walked home with Karena when we were tired and then tadaaaaaah. End of my birthday. ^^

 photo DSC05915_zps5cc98eaa.jpg
But wait, I still have my favourite pictures to post! :D
Jolene acting all cute here ah. HAHHAAHA.

 photo DSC05914_zpsf7732362.jpg

 photo P1020526_zpsaf7d7c90.jpg

 photo P1020536_zps5762dc40.jpg

 photo P1020536_zps5762dc40.jpg

 photo P1020542_zpsec1ae01e.jpg  photo P1020544_zps12781e89.jpg

 photo P1020545_zps81b24b2c.jpg  photo P1020547_zps91c8ac87.jpg

 photo P1020549_zpsf02dc425.jpg  photo P1020550_zpscf9edc58.jpg

 photo P1020551_zps1bf21ebf.jpg  photo P1020552_zpsc5dac6db.jpg

I have definitely done something noble or big in my past life to deserve these wonderful friends.
In the clique of... 13/10, I am the only one who has the MOST surprises planned for my birthday!!! :O

 photo P1020556_zps22ea01f5.jpg

 photo P1020538_zps6ddc5f85.jpg

 photo P1020573_zpsa67b32f0.jpg

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