Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wimbly Lu x2

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Wimbly Lu has been a place I've been wanting to visit ever since many people I know have been raving about it.. In fact, there were plenty of attempts to dine there! But the plans just never came through. :((

And then! This week happened.

Two visits to Wimbly Lu in two days because the people I want to meet decides to settle on that place. LOL. I'm not complaining though. Just kindda funny how.... When you wanna go but keep failing to do so and when you're no longer as excited, you go there twice in a row. In my case that is. lol.


I was there yesterday with Emily for lunch and then I was there again for brunch with Yugine, Simin and Clara. :)

It was a very pleasant time with the girls (both Emily & my dpafriends), having a sinful meal, talking about everything and just enjoying the afternoon with each other leisurely.

After both meetups, I went through the day with no dinner because I was so so so full and happy. ^^

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Lunch with Emily started here @ Rokeby because she didn't know Wimbly Lu sells meals.
Then again, their meals are pretty light with sandwiches and all~ So.......

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We had our lunch here before going to Wimbly Lu for desserts. ^^

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Nice place with okay food!
(ps: This is actually the first time I described food as "okay"! Most were just okay though.)
Then again, I would actually go back to try out their other stuff because it was a nice place...

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Really light Truffle Cream of Mushroom that can come off as a little too bland.

 photo P1140321_zpsea03f14a.jpg
Bland Risotto. Emily didn't finish it as usual. lol.

 photo P1140317_zps3852a7bc.jpg
Really nice Carbonara!
I happily finished 3/4 of this super sinful plate of pasta. :x

 photo P1140327_zpsda49a28f.jpg
Truffle Fries you won't get sick of! :D

 photo P1140328_zps8d72e8d8.jpg

 photo P1140310_zpsc09cc3dc.jpg

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We were somewhat stuffed but went ahead with Wimbly anywayz.

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We took really long to decide what to order.

I was too full to make any decisions and Emily wanted to try something new but didn't know what. LOL.

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 photo P1140337_zps3d1974c4.jpg
Ice Chocolate with Baileys.
Somewhat like the black cough syrup. But that's how baileys taste like. :/

 photo P1140338_zpsb7f9ab3c.jpg
Chocolate Eclair!!!
I was drawn by it when it was displayed near the entrance.
But meh... Small ones are nicer. :x LOL.

 photo P1140339_zps1b5a4216.jpg
My favourite yesterday!
Nutella Chocolate Pie.

Emily had a bimbo moment when we ordered this.
She actually asked what does it look like and I went "It's just brown filling on a tart" LOL!!! Super funny when it happened.

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After desserts, Emily was really nice to accompany me down to Chinatown because I had to run some errand. We also end up sitting to chat at some MacDonalds for over an hour. :)


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Brunch at Wimbly Lu with Lasagne and desserts before going to Rokeby for some Truffle Fries. xD

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 photo P1140354_zps6d1f6e03.jpg

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 photo P1140353_zps812133f1.jpg

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Supposedly their signature Root Beer Cake with Vanilla Icecream.
But.... it didn't impress us at all.
& I couldn't taste the hint of rootbeer. >< /fail

 photo P1140356_zps5261e65d.jpg
Our favourite from the lot we ordered.
Lasagne! Or maybe, we were just hungry.

 photo P1140367_zps4abf1c04.jpg

 photo P1140360_zps78a8a94f.jpg
Our second favourite!
Very nice! And Emily took me it isn't good. :O

 photo P1140361_zps293cf546.jpg
Simin's Ice Chocolate with Baileys! With whipped cream this time.

 photo P1140362_zpsa841dd09.jpg
Sticky Date Pudding.
Yugine's favourite. She insisted that she'll order one for herself because she really like it.
Tasted a bit like huat kueh but really quite nice...

 photo P1140363_zpsc0d77f06.jpg
Emily told me this Molten Lava Cake is really good.....
Okay la~ Our third favourite. But still not fantastic.

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I really didn't wanna sit beside her because she keeps touching me!!! LOL.

 photo P1140385_zps23041dba.jpg

 photo P1140392_zps428e84bf.jpg  photo P1140393_zpsa82e5d1b.jpg  photo P1140395_zpsa0213e01.jpg

And then you have us playing with Simin's shades.

 photo P1140387_zps1b43f89e.jpg  photo P1140388_zps916c2cf3.jpg  photo P1140389_zps6b439b45.jpg

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 photo P1140403_zps4c8b48f8.jpg
Yes, we were infront of someone's house because their exterior wall/fence quite pretty. xD

 photo P1140405_zpsd4091ea4.jpg

 photo P1140406_zpsec6af5ab.jpg
Better angle. LOLOL

 photo P1140408_zps6b6ffb20.jpg

 photo P1140404_zps63b33d24.jpg

 photo P1140407_zpsa5e80f1f.jpg

Ah! I successfully led them to Wimbly Lu but couldn't exit the place to Serangoon Station as well. LOL! Too distracted. End up going up to this random road to bus back.

My day didn't end with these girls though. Headed down to Queenstown to meet up with Gary to attend a wake. Spent quite a while with Emily before leaving.

It was a long day.

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&Here's an abrupt end. xD

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