Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Helium Balloons~

All the pictures Yanling has taken individually TODAY! Lol.

Surprised and celebrated Yanling's birthday! :D
Really have to thank all those who were there to make it a success!! :):):):):) Be it for the surprise or the celebration, it really mattered. ;)

I am absolutely dogged so here's just a pretty long summary of what we did. Lol.

Left lesson 45minutes early and cabbed down to Temasek Poly with Gary and Soohou. Met up with Weishan and Nicholas. Saw my Primary School friend too! Waited around TP's mushroom for Bingcheng, Edmond, Zhixiong, Yaping, Jolene and... Jiaxuan. :) Weibin came like quite a while later.(Minutes after we settled at our "hideout".)
Yanling took like ages to reach the taxi stand please! Lol. And that's when we slacked and sweated like we were having a rain-pour of our own. =.=|||
Spent almost an hour around TP's taxi-stand taking pictures and all~ Yanling is like another Internet but has a more enlarged group of friends than Internet Tan~ Lol. Every now and then, she'll get to see someone she know and have them take pictures with her. =.= Lol.

After which, Weishan Gary Soohou Yanling Jolene Yaping Cheefai and I cabbed down to Hougang Mall while the rest went home. Had dinner with them all except Yaping and Cheefai who went home instead. Had a funny, filling, interesting and a delicious dinner at Soup Restaurant. ;)

Chilling at the open space was next on the agenda. Took pictures and slacked before going to Challenger and leaving for home. Lol. Walked Yanling to the Coffee Shop nearest to my place, chatted while waiting for someone. He came with a cake and a present for her uh, so sweet. ;)
Finally left them alone and headed home.
I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired!


Hero for the day! Lol.
Thanks alot for helping me buy the Helium balloons and bringing it around school though stares were inevitable. Lol.

PS: Yanling's the one who hoped to get helium balloons for her birthday! A big fat hole appeared in my wallet lo. LOL!

Slacking and...

...Sweating as well~ LOL.

The lovely and delicious cake along with the helium balloons.
Thank you YP & Jo for getting the cake! ;)

Look at this crazy Jx of mine. Lol.

While waiting under the hot sun when Yanling was still busy with makeup and photo taking. lol.

The heat was unbearable~ x.x

Lovely penguin preparing to bring the cake~~

Walking over when I signaled... Lol.

They should have appeared long ago but they were too slow la! Lol.

As I walked out of our hideout...
YL: "Hello. Eh~ Are you the one with balloons?"
ME: =.= "erm. ya."
Totally didn't know she saw me already. LOL.


Along the stairs are Yanling's two lovely classmates. ^^

When the rest were heard...
YL: "Ay~ I thought only you coming???"

Make a wish~~
One of her favourite songs some more! Lol.

Favourite helium balloons. =.= Kiddy her~
YL: "I thought you say only stupid people will buy helium balloons?"
ME: Stared at her.
YL: *Laughs* "You are stupid!"
=.= Lol.

Also have to thank two of Yanling's classmate that helped me along. Hurhur.
Szehan, thanks alot alot!! :D

Receiving the cake~


Birthday girl~

She actually threatened a few of them to take pictures with her lo. lol.


1/2 Pyramid~

Er... I have no idea what's with that smile~

Getting them to take pictures~~

The few enthu guys there. ;)

The guys~

&again~ Lol. I have no idea why I uploaded two. =.=

LOL! Candid.

Us all!!



Funny faces~

I think I'm gonna get straggled. x.x Lol.

Candid girls~ Lol.

The girls~~~~

Deciding where to go and how to get there. Lol. Most of us chose to cab to the next destination DESPITE IT'S PEAK HOUR! Lol. Too freaking hot and humid already. x.x

Hougang Mall!!

Yeah, she chose the location...

Nice picture without Weishan. Lol.

:@ spot my arms! Lol.

The fabulous dinner! :D

Lol. Ended our dinner with the cake I bought. ;) Learnt a lot of stuffs from each other too. ;)

Open space~


In cab...
YL: "Gary, what happen to your face?"

Stupid Weishan. Lol.
But oh well, that's for all the tak glam pictures I've taken. Lol.


Dinner gang~


Happy! Angry! Sad! Glad~

Funny faces...

My favourite lovely Budget tan~ Hehe.

Yanling and the two Js.


Comparing which is rounder. =.= Lol. Silly girl.

Bet she likes this picture. Lol.

Reviving childhood memories of ours~ Lol.

Hope you enjoyed and loved today my dear! :D
May you have a great year up ahead and of course, last long long ahhh~ Hehe.
(Faster go register for BTT!)


Favourite picture of the day! :D

*Pardon me for any short forms. Really too exhausted. Lol.

PS: No one can control how they are perceived but only how they're presented.

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