Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fill The Emptiness Please~

Went out the whole of yesterday with mother, Aunty Teo and a friend of my mothers'- Mani-pedicured, relaxed, shopped and had dinner. It was a long day but it was a good and relaxed one. Also bought a new pair of shoes! Lol. And, I wore my long-lost slippers yesterday. LOL! Think I'm going to bring it out more often so that I can get a new one when it's spoilt. ;x LOL!

For this weekend, I failed to do my usual routines. :S Nothing productive done this week and I feel bad. :S Anyhow, it was a good break from all the... work? :/

Woke up late today because I slept late last night. Lol. Ate very little for brunch and started to surf the net for random stuffs. Plans for the day wasn't carried out because my mother had this impromptu decision to give this hair salon a try &&&, I managed to persuade Aunty Teo and Xiaoxuan to tag along~~ Hohoho!

Talking about the saloon suddenly makes me miss my long hair. :S Alright, the one I had like a few hours ago might not be long to any one of you who's reading this but, it is considered long for me okay! Lol.

The shortness is not obvious here kayyy~
Xiaoxuan and her bang, bang, bangs~~ Lol.

Did treatment too! And now, my hair smell super nice! Hahaha.
Funny thing, I wasn't used to the smell and was wondering why this nice smell kept following me. LOL! I even asked Xiaoxuan and answered the question myself. ;x She simply just rolled her eyes. But I wasn't being thick skinned lo. Lol.
PS: I really had that thought okay TXX. Lol.

After which, shopped around boring Hougang Mall while waiting for the mothers to be done with their hair. It was really a headless and tail-less shopping. Just went into random shops to see see, look look and watch watch. Lol.

I even bought Xiaoxuan a piece of cake please! Lol.
Now, I realise she haven't thank me yet! Tsktsktsk.
PS: Better type me a long thank you message okay!

Walked back to look for parents to find them heading out too. ;) Then, had dinner at Xiaoxuan's "restaurant"...

Was near famished but I was 3/4 full only. ;) Didn't wanna get attack by gastric. ;S

After dinner!
Meanass! She actually thought my wallet was my mothers' and even said it was aunty-like. :'( I really like it lehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~ Hmpf!

Can't remember what we did after that. But I bet there were all those mundane shopping stuffs. :D


Now, you can see the length difference! Lol. Really short uh~ I don't understand why it'll be short if I trim it. :@ The previous length was pretty long lehhhhhhhhhh~~~

But anyhow, experience at this salon is not that bad luh. Just that the stylist were a little too slow. Zzz

Omo~~ I've been exceptionally naggy lately. :S Pardon me ahhh. hehehe.

Next, just for viewing pleasure.
I finally got the pictures taken on Friday, with Rachels' camera from Sheryl just today! :D

The so called 'husband&wife' picture. Lol.

You dare to try that? Lol.

Rachel, Jasmine and Sheryl.

The girls cam-whoring. And, I'm a great photographer! Lol.

One of my favourites but Rachel closed her eyes. =.=


Miss that length. Really rare for me. I have no idea why too. :/

ARG! I wanna get a powershot!! Lol. See, the flash doesn't over exposed me~~~ :@

Bye bye!

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