Friday, May 01, 2009

Blue, Black or Pink?

I have no idea why and what but something is out to kill me. My headache is super unbearable (though it comes and go). =.= The pain is quite extreme to an extent, and I feel like banging my head against the wall right in-front of me now. =.=
Am blogging because I don't wanna keep sleeping - makes me feel all sick-y and well, sick. (Though I AM sick.) Gave school a miss yesterday because the sore in the throat decided to drag my nose and head along with the pain and was super scared fever will hit me next. =.=

Okay, enough of my complain. Driving today was good. I CAN CHANGE GEAR SMOOTHLY! Lol. Well, sort of- that was after like... 3 times of stalling?! It was until some stupid driver who honked at me that suddenly changed me. LOL! Thank god my head didn't give me any prob until the last few minutes of the lesson. *phew*
(FYI: Today's my second driving lesson but my first manual lesson. ;])
On the way back home, my earpiece gave up on me. =.= The right earpiece keep cutting off my song uh. So irritating.

Alright, I'll spare you readers from me being wordy. ;)


School's been fine.
Random photo taking on Tuesday...



Rachel and her hamster face. ;x


Syuhada, Rachel, Jasmine! :D

Next, Wednesday's dinner- for my sister's belated Chinese Birthday Dinner Celebration. :D

Ambiance was pretty good. Not a lot of people there yet when we settled down. But not much food variety.

:D The limited choices of food didn't really bother us because the food was still pretty good. :)

Watch the pro prawn skin peeler for the night! Lol. She used knife and fork to do all the peeling! Pro or what?! Lol.

Pastries~~ All that was on.

My favourite section! Lol. I wanted to just jump to this section after having my first round. x.x LOL!
Still, not a lot of variety but still good. ;)

Grab for the night. Durian paste and cake! Lol. They were good, I tell ya!
But, didn't exactly ate much. :(

Imitating someone's angry face. ;x LOL!

Guess who!

Dinner was pretty spoilt at the end. Was joking (REALLY! ONLY JOKING) but one of us couldn't take it and burst into tears. =.= Hopefully this change uh. Kindda sickening. Jokes are meant to be laughed at not exactly to be something one should cry about.
But anyway, I know I'll step over the line at times. Hope you understand this ridiculous habit of mine. LOL!

Breakfast today was frightening! Lol. Joking joking again then someone threw tantrum. Got pretty heated up because her bad attitude makes me feel irritated. -.- Started reprimanding and someone cried again. =.= What's so upsetting about jokes?! Got me thinking. Really have to just be serious next time. Don't wanna end up having a spoilt mood again. No jokes from now on (Hopefully). LOL~

Anyhow, apologies for today and the night. But really do hope you'll change your bloody attitude and start showing respect uh. It's not what you think you're protraying but what we feel about what you're protraying. Please please please start getting this in your mind uh. Will try to change the fact that I always bully you. LOL! But hope you really do something about your problem too. Else, I'll just heck about you the next time. You know who you are. :D

Goodbye. Along with my mango tart. LOL!

ps: YAY-NESS! Going to get a new earpiece!! Blue, black or pink? :/

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