Thursday, April 23, 2009

Don't be a Bitch.

Some pictures taken during the week.

During our first business lecture.

Today... SEE Stephanie's 'beibei'!

The Minnie they kept playing with was spoilt. And, it was her first day out only. :(
Gary's damn 'jiao' in here.

School's fine but I can't help feeling really tired everyday after school. Prolly due to the freaking hot weather. Such killers. Make me feel sleepy instantly~ x.x
Nothing exactly exciting in school happened because I'm blogging everyday.

Thanks Daohong for the ride home today!

Something happened in school this morning. Totally shocked most of us but I guess, you get what you deserve though you won't necessary think so.
A lesson to me; treat everyone around you nice, don't overboss people around because they might just be the ones you need to survive with, watch your limits, reflect on yourself before pointing fingers, and don't be hypocritical.
It'll most probably backfire because people just totally hates dislikes you.
NOT referring to anyone; but if you feel pricks, you should know what it means.

Okay, sleepy.
Tutorials next before sleep. :D

PS: I feel different.

Damn just remembered, today's Thursday. Got "Hell's Kitchen", won't be sleeping so early. z.z
Shoots! I just remembered~ I've forgotten all about "Project Runway" last night. Gosh! My TV schedules all flowing out of my mind. Lol.

Forgot I got record "Hell's Kitchen". Gahhhhhhhh~ Sleep sleep.

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