Saturday, May 12, 2007


boring day.. =[


there's not much colour difference yeahs? lols.

seriously, that's the tasmanias' hand not krist. XD


i think eugene took this and asked me to look at the person other than my sister. =X

see the old man being childish. i think he miss hes' childhood alot alot. lols.

my sister say he's really strong. the pigs' nose lost many cotton. LOLs. all thanks to ANLENE.. lols.

gary, look for eugene okay? lols. he took THESE pictures in school.

TSKTSKTSK.. do you think the frog understand human finger language? lols.

maybe he's messaging... =]

can't compare, the head is still bigger. lols.

xingjie sleeping during sports day.
i don't know who took this.. lols.
this picture's the nicest. hahs. but, my tasmania is vegetarian. XD lols.
crazy alignment.. sighs.

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