Friday, December 29, 2006

internet connections CRACKED!

so many things have been happening during the whole long duration of my not-posting mood. have to suffer and wait for sister to not use her computer and my own temptation to not play the games she downloaded. because, my stupid internet connections (in my COM) are driving me crazy causing something in me to just give up and not to solve it.

anyway, my craziness has stopped after the news has reportered the reason why there was a crack in the internet connections. gosh. hope it can be solved as soon as possible. almost everyone is complaining. and, this shows that humans now are too dependent on the technology, the comfort and also, the easy-way-out of problems.
imagine the world without internet and phone. how would life be then? i guess life would be like going on without food and water. technology now is essential and now significant to almost everyone!

anyway, spent my Christmas Eve with Yanling and JiaXuan also the lunch with the guyys for the first time. nice outing but something just TOTALLY ruin it. nahs, i won't talk about it. hmms. couldn't find a desired bag we wanted in VivoCity so end up getting the one we saw in Kovan from Yellow.

Christmas was out with family and AuntyTeo. first, we were dropped at Ikea(the new one) but got bored with the crowd so we went to Parkway (for pigs sakes how many times this holiday) and shopped. didn't buy much though.

quite a number of things happened but i think i can't remember because i don't remember. -.-

anyway, school's re-opening soon. sad to say but glad that i have to start studying and worried because time will passed so fast and then, *poff* Os up. damn! i'm so scared. i haven't been doing any studying at all.
okay, something disheartening happened today and made me reflect on my own significance in others. and sad to say, the result is ZERO. kindda sad huh? well, maybe it's the high hopes and trust i usually plant on people before seeing the roots of them. on the other hand, maybe i haven't got the chance to meet good roots. who knows. just hope things will turn it's way out of the good way. ^^

hmms. Orchestra has also been fine. other than the fact that i totally CANNOT catch up at times. it's so sad being left behind.

going to bed soon! tomorrow will be a MUCH better day~ =D

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