Saturday, August 09, 2014

First Week! (&Some Heavy Stuff)

My first week has ended!

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I'm exhausted, but very much happy. ^^
It's National Day today but I'm home working. Diligent, right? xD Might be heading out for a quick dinner with Weishan though! Miss her already, even though it has only been 8 days since we last saw each other. HEHE.

Before I start issuing some cheque and do some accounting, here's a quick update about a random dinner last night!

As each and every one of us embark on our next path, we become busy. Very busy some times. But, I am happy that some of us still has the time and thoughts to meet up. Even if it's for something quick. I hope, life doesn't get too much into our friendship, and that we'll only grow closer not drift apart.

A little too heavy for a happy entry, yes? Lol.

Just some thoughts I had. Throughout the week, I was busy. I got so caught up with all that's happening that I forgot a friend was ill. I felt bad and quite horrible, but not for long since I was very soon overwhelmed with work again.

"When you get so caught up with your own busy life and forget about others. :/"
On a lighter note, now that I've unloaded my thoughts.......

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Chiulee asked us out last night for dinner! But, fortunately, I was the only one who was free. Hahaha. 'Fortunately' because it's the first time Chiulee and I hung out together, alone! Something different and I thought it was really nice. ^^

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We were on budget and had dinner at Hougang Mall's Kopitiam! Banmian for dinner! :D Talked about work and caught up with her eyecandies, and whatnot. HEHEHE. I also found out how 花痴 Chiulee is! She's so so so cute and a lot more silly than me when it comes to eyecandies and guys. Hahahaha. ♥

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It was a good Friday night!

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&To end off this entry, here's how I suffer in office.

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