Saturday, August 09, 2014

Ketchup Over Dinner.

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So... The dinner happened!! :D
&Gary joined us.

To think Weishan was the one who asked me out, and later forgot all about it. -,- Was suppose to have dinner but in the end, I was the only one eating (plus Gary and his dessert). Tsktsk. This woman uh!

I was early (rare times), and did a bit shopping in Popular to get some pens. It's been a while since I did stationery shopping AND THERE'S SO SO SO MANY 0.38 & 0.4 PEN CHOICES NOW!! I bought like... 5 pairs! Two colors of each kind, and I can't wait to start using them! LMAO. I also bought scissors and tapes. Even though the office provides tons of stationery, I've always preferred my own choice of pens, and since it is quite a hassle to get the other stuffs (tape and scissor), I went to buy instead.

0.38 felt pens for the win!!! xD

Dinner was at Pastamania. Caught up and gossiped over dinner. Best part to the night. HEHE. The reason why we met was because Weishan wanted to shop for some snacks to bring them to work. In the end, she didn't buy anything. Lol.

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How a cap that fits on-so-nicely on Gary is oh-too-big on Weishan.
Perfectly explains the idiom: "Another man's meat is another man's poison."

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People have comfort food, I have comfort friends. ♥

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