Wednesday, October 12, 2016

It's 'Wicked' Again!

Super happy this Wednesday because I just got home from one of my favourite musicals; 'Wicked'!!!! This is probably the very first musical I have ever watched~ Went with my childhood friends the first time (read here and be horrified by all the blurry pictures and my cringe-worthy blogging style lol) and really really loved it even though we were so so so far behind back then.

This time, when I knew they were coming back, I quickly asked friends around if they were interested and got a pair of early bird tickets!! HEHEHE. Though still not very near (probably near mid-point?), it was definitely a lot better. Could better enjoy the stage setup and the performance!

Actually went with my friends from MBB, but only Ruth and I bought the slightly pricier tickets. Heh.

Was a fun night watching 'Wicked' and I will definitely catch them again when they come back! Maybe from somewhere nearer!

Saturday, October 08, 2016

First Work Event: Success!

Organised my first event for the project team last night and it was a success! Most of them enjoyed the food, the drinks and especially the company~ There were so many people I finally get to see (because they usually work in a different site); enlarging my circle of work friends! Which would probably make work even more enjoyable.

Oh, how much I have grown... Last bad entry about work was 2 months ago! HEHE.

I also realise that being the organiser of an event really helps me break a lot of barriers I have; It is because I am the organiser, I make myself go around checking that everyone was okay... Unlike if I were just a guest, I would probably stick to my own circle of friends.

So... last night, it was a great success! Not only because the event was good, but also because I managed to step up and know more people from work. ^^

Also, I suggested 'Supply & Demand' because I really love love their food! Did not disappoint me last night; though it was not the best place for my MD. :(

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Karena's Birthday!

Mid-week meet up with 2 of my favourite girlfriends to celebrate Karena's birthday! What a celebratory week, first with Karena's solemnisation (read here) then her birthday tonight and next, my projects' event on Friday! Whoop. :D

It was a fairly simple night though; met in Orchard for some flying noodles and maki sushi (served in a drawer lol) at Hana Japanese Restaurant. Unfortunately, no pictures :( But I would say the restaurant is pretty much gimmick-y because the food were just okay. People just rave about it for their Instagram-worthy food placing. Would give it to them for that though; so much effort to serve udon and sushi. Lol.

After dinner, we just roamed around and settled down in another Instagram-worthy place for desserts - I cannot remember where we went but I doubt they are still in operations so..... :p

Picture we sent Jolene because she was at work and couldn't join. HEHE.

Fastforward to 2018 and this is the only picture I have from that night :( Lost my phone in November and now I realise how very important it is to always backup your pictures!! Really search high and low for an 'evidence' of this night because I couldn't remember what we did and felt slightly moodless to blog further because there'll be this blank. Hurrr.. Lol.

Thank God for Snapchat though; I kept the snaps and here's a short snippet of that night! ♥

Check out the rainbow cake in one of my snaps!


hehe. Got them from Weishan♥

The crazy looking dessert!

Monday, October 03, 2016

Project P: The Solemnization!

Finally, after 2 extremely monotonous months......... Something exciting happened!!

Our baby Karena is now legally married!!!!!

👰 💐 💍 🎊 🤵

YAY!! The clique's favourite and best looking couple ♥♥♥

My heart feels so full right now, I cannot!

To be completely frank, while I am overjoyed for Karena, it does feel a little weird that someone you've known for so so long is getting married. Feels so surreal... Like life is telling you we've really become adults. Life is really happening; shit is getting real. Lol. But oh wells, here I am still green as ever. Tsk.

Back to the solemnisation~

I had the great honor to be with Karena from the very beginning of this day! Watched her get her makeup and hair done, and helped with her dress!

Here's her at the wedding boutique~

So they say our smile is the best makeup we can wear, and indeed it is! Also, feeling happy from the inside.
No need heavy makeup to look beautiful.. 😍

&then we were off to the solemnisation venue!

John looking super serious trying to fix the background for the photo booth!
You can also see a little of Weishan at the back too, but no idea what she's hiding there for. 😜

The reception table with really cute cards for guests to write their well wishes for the couple..

Looks a lot nicer when the lights are dim and the table lights up!


Photo booth: Check!
Reception table: Check!

&It was time for the bride-to-be (&groom) to get dressed! No pictures from that because we were too busy trying not to mess up her dress. THERE WAS SO MANY CRISS CROSS TO DO AT THE BACKK!!

Blisshouse is so beautifully decorated!! Just stepping out of the dressing corner is a nice area to camwhore!

(Fast forward 2018 and it's unfortunate that they are permanently closed already!)

Karena posing on a fancy looking piano while her cousin and Weishan shifts her dress to make it nicely flow down the seat.

Great effort required for a nice picture to be taken! But I don't have the shot because there was a professional. Lol.

♥ The real groom looking happy

&The fake one

WHAT ARE THE ODDS THAT LANCE WOULD WEAR SOMETHING SO SIMILAR TO THE GROOM!!! Super scene-stealer this boy. hahahahahah. It was later agreed that they better coordinate their colors and not clash again on their wedding banquet.

Who's the right groom?
Karena had really on point photo props too!!

Short interview while waiting for more guests to arrive!

Us and some of her other friends + batch mates. :)

&The other girls finally arrived!
I definitely did not get the memo to wear white or be in light color.
So exclusive these 4. Pfft.
But my angels in white~ 😇

&The dukes of the clique.

Gracefully making their entrance while John sings "Beautiful in White" - should have changed the lyrics to "Beautiful in Blue" HEH.

I actually felt quite emotional when they exchanged their vows; to the extent of wanting to tear... Is it silly? Hahaha. I don't know... I think it's really touching, heartwarming and just... magical(?) to witness such a good friend tie the knot with the love of her life. Or maybe I'm just emotional and getting my heartstrings pulled because I'm getting older. LOL.

It's Karena's birthday today; and her cousins prepared her a gorgeous cake as a surprise!
So sweet of them AND THE CAKE WAS GREAT!!! From Antoinette (X).

Got so tired meh this guy! Hahaha.


After the wedding, we headed down to Hooters for round 2!
Chilled and talked about what's ahead for us all.

Life. I'm happy to have them in mine.

Give us a baby Karena / baby John soon!!

Friday, September 30, 2016

September's Snapshot!

Wow. I cannot believe September was an even more boring month than August. . .


Really.... Nothing happened in September apart from the drama. Wow.

It's okay, October is going to be fun!
Wedding and bachelorette party coming soon!!!

Some Sugar-goodness we shall have for now then =p

Can we make this tissue box? LOL.