Thursday, March 12, 2015

Birthday Dinner With Zylia!

So..... work didn't end on that good a note yesterday. I was fuming and replaying the recount in my head while traveling down Town to meet Zylia. But all is good when you have good food. ^^ At least I wasn't going home with a foul mood. It's always easier to put out a fire in you when you're with friends than when with family. Always easier to lose your tantrum with family, which is not something I like doing.

ANYWAY!!! I was late. I seem to always be caught up with something when I have a plan with Zylia. LOL. It's a 98% spot on kind of episode. AND I DIGRESS AGAIN~ Had dinner at a place I've been wanting to visit for a really long time! Albeit not with the initial person I wanted to go with, but still a good meal and a nice place!

 photo P1370254_zpsmorsw9m5.jpg  photo P1370253_zpsgo5dtiuz.jpg

 photo P1370234_zpselep4zrt.jpg
Five & Dime X

It was a long long walk from where we were. Had to also pass some highly secured place where 2 armed guards(?) were standing on each side of the resident and would signal us to go to the opposite. Made us wonder a lot about the place...... Which prominent figure?

We safely arrived at the eatery hundred steps later. I like the place more during the day; Pictures make it look so nice!

 photo P1370241_zpsnpbfudsr.jpg
No idea what's wrong with this person LOL :X

 photo P1370246_zpswqpkzkff.jpg
First Mac & Cheese. I like it! Not too big a portion, and really tasty!

 photo P1370248_zpsu6737mrg.jpg
Mac and Cheese kindda took the limelight off this Mentaiko Spaghetti.
First time trying something like that too! Wasn't a disappointment.

 photo P1370249_zpssqcoltdw.jpg

We were too hungry to wait for proper seats and settled for bar seats. I realise for a party of 2, it's actually good to sit at the bar seats (ones that are not propped with high chairs of course lol). It's less awkward to sit side by side and it's a lot easier to camwhore! Hahaha. Not that we did.

 photo P1370250_zpsvltk0c10.jpg
I prefer the lamb racks from Supply & Demand X ~

 photo P1370252_zps6ndg1ddq.jpg
&The night ended off with this not-too-sweet chocolate tart.
The strawberry is huge! And was carved out into a pretty rose!

Would definitely visit this place again someday. :3

 photo P1370253_zpsgo5dtiuz.jpg  photo P1370254_zpsmorsw9m5.jpg
Didn't camwhore, so here's a repeat of pictures. Hurhur.


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