Friday, March 13, 2015

We Screamed For More Ice Cream!

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Syuhada and me ♥

Just back from a satisfying ice cream buffet @ Ion's Swensen's X with Syuhada, and I must say......... I never knew Swensen's served premier ice creams that actually tasted really good! :X

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Ice cream, ice cream, ice cream!!! :D

We both didn't want to stuff ourselves with just desserts and ice cream so we ordered a pizza to share. Bad decision! lol. Because we end up feeling a little filled up even before starting on the buffet. LOL. I went for mostly berry ice cream (as usual), but Syuhada went for pretty much everything! The maximum number of scoops one can order is 5 and she'll order 5 flavours only to taste them and not finish. Hahahha. This girl.... Good strategy.

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Our first round! :D

The ice cream buffet was really just an ice cream thing because the other desserts were quite substandard. I didn't really like their cakes though.... Tried every piece and left them as is. Waffle was not freshly made, so it tasted a little..... 'old' to my liking. We later had just another round... Sucha waste. I'm so going to spam their ice cream the next time I'm there!

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Food was satisfying, but dinner time was nice! Because it was after a long day at work, then there were ice cream! and most importantly a good dinner companion. ^^ Caught up with our lives and whatnot since we can now only afford to meet up just every once in a while (mostly just for our birthdays lol).

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Many thanks for the dinner! ♥

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