Thursday, July 14, 2016

"The Lab"

Caught up with friends from Maybank again! ^^

Had dinner at Haji Lanes' The Lab (X).
And yes, I am too lazy to come up with a better blog title. 😛

I think it's my first few times at Haji Lane? Or that area for that matter...... I am not a fan of Bugis area because it is so difficult to travel down to? I used to hate the transition from red line to green line; FOREVER CROWDED. And the door is the other side, so we had to squeeze from one door to the other.

But now that I am working at Commonwealth, it doesn't feel as bad to head down after work. Lol. We cabbed home after dinner, so I cannot say much about going home yet. Lol.

The Lab serves really good burger though!
Very very generous serving.
Really enjoyed my dinner. HEHE.

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