Monday, February 10, 2014


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Super duper happy we got to celebrate our anniversary on the day itself this year. HEHE.

ps: We are supposedly a group of 13.
But, unfortunately, a few of us somehow drifted apart or just stop joining any activities altogether. :((
It's okay though, past memories together as 13 were still awesome.
&So now,

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ps: Just realize Gary's missing in the first picture so here's a full groupshot! :D

With it still being the Lunar New Year, we planned something suitable for the festive and our anniversary!!!
Hence, we had a fairly simple and looong yet really fun and happy time together yesterday. ^^

A quick summary of what we did throughout the 10 full hours together.

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For the Lunar New Year, we visited each other's place!!
Something we've never done before as an entire clique.
Only 5 houses were available but it was more than enough to keep us occupied for half the day! ^^

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We also managed to SURPRISE SAMUEL!!!!!
He's turning 23 in a week's time but I know he'll definitely not celebrate it with us so TADAAAH!!!
SURPRISE!!!! Hehe.

 photo CIMG0918_zps62cac619.jpg
It's been a while since we lou hei together.
Actually, I can't remember when's the last time. :x
But this is definitely the first time all 10 of us are doing it together! ^^

 photo CIMG0939_zps8130e1b3.jpg
And what's Lunar New Year without some gambling?!!
Our first time gambling together and only my second time at it! :O
Played a little here and there in some houses but went full on at Lance's place.
Crazy fun with this bunch of friends even while gambling. Lol.

&Lastly, the highlight of our day..........

 photo P1020090_zpsd482cd29.jpg
Unfortunately, Soohou couldn't join us for this short activity.
The most anticipated activity of the day. Kek.
We initially thought we'll not have enough time and energy for this but I'm freaking glad we made it. ^^

&That was how we spent our anniversary together

Just realize there were so many 'first times' for us yesterday. :')
I hope we'll still be this close 15 years down the road.
Possibly not meet as often by then, but hopefully still crazy and close.
I remember a friend always saying; Quality > Quantity.
So true. Better to have quality time together than having the quantity but with detached behaviors.

With the end of my summary comes with the picture spam!!!! :D

 photo P1020028_zps2d2458fc.jpg
@Kesslyn's house.

Just like Saturday, her house was like a meeting point for us.
Everyone took time to reach her place and officially start the day from there.

Chatted a little and had a quick bite, snacks + 长寿面 (longevity noodles), for breakfast; All thanks to Kesslyn's mother!
Pity Jolene couldn't see Kesslyn's brother though. Hahaha!
She was so so so cute claiming how the roasted jerky tasted bitter because it was a gift from Kesslyn's brother girlfriend. Lol.

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Selfies before moving on to the next house!

 photo P1020032_zps1588220d.jpg
Have never been there before.

 photo CIMG0863_zpsbd100f15.jpg
Our first game of the day.

 photo CIMG0850_zpse0e797fe.jpg

 photo CIMG0852_zpsdec9a98c.jpg
Stupid Soohou. Lol.

There were also videos..
Each taking turns to do "HUAT AH!!!". &As usual Karena's was the funniest.
Upload them when I have. :3

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 photo CIMG0870_zps09d45a32.jpg

 photo CIMG0903_zpsb91f7ddb.jpg
Next up, Chiulee's new place!!!!
Very nice environment but the place was kindda small. ><
Future of our homes...

 photo CIMG0873_zpsb8d288d1.jpg
Also had lunch there!
Super nice beehoon, curry & Ngoh Hiang that her mother prepared!!!!! (Y)!

 photo CIMG0875_zpsb668e63f.jpg
Taken before lunch.

 photo CIMG0880_zps160cf747.jpg
Taken while preparing to take pictures of the surprise. hehehe.

 photo CIMG0901_zpsf19084cd.jpg
OH! Lance only joined us from here onward.
He was also the one who brought the cake. hehe.

 photo CIMG0877_zpsd703ea2e.jpg
Just chilling while Lance and I were outside preparing and lighting up the cake!

 photo CIMG0884_zps93a16c7d.jpg
This Samuel still clueless. LOL.
He even told us he was prepared to sing along too; thinking it was one of Chiulee's family members birthday.

 photo CIMG0885_zps6a49b0fe.jpg
Happy Samuel is happy!!! :D

 photo CIMG0886_zps4881d9ed.jpg

 photo CIMG0887_zps9895e822.jpg
But Samuel proceeded to looking sian. >:( Lol.

 photo CIMG0888_zps2a41f5ba.jpg

 photo CIMG0890_zps39c665ef.jpg
After singing and blowing the candles, everyone got distracted because Chiulee's baby nephew came out!

 photo CIMG0891_zpsdf15fd83.jpg  photo CIMG0892_zpsc64e9ee4.jpg

 photo CIMG0893_zps28a38d6c.jpg  photo CIMG0895_zps5ac5fbd9.jpg

 photo CIMG0899_zpsbc9d6588.jpg
Creepy Samuel.

 photo CIMG0902_zps81767cd0.jpg
I hope we'll get to celebrate more birthdays with this kid. xD

 photo CIMG0898_zps89c1cc6c.jpg
Can you see why everyone got all distracted and forgot Samuel's birthday?! LOL.

 photo P1020033_zps46f47b9e.jpg
Preparing to take pictures!
Happy that we managed to take group pictures at everyone's place. heheheeh.

 photo CIMG0904_zps85fea905.jpg

 photo CIMG0936_zps5c181b8e.jpg
@Jolene's House!

Everyone took turns to be sniffed by her dog, Whiskey, before we entered the house.
Greeted her mother and visited the toilet before we LOU HEI (Prosperity Toss)!!!! :D
Got the 鱼生 (yusheng) from the Zi Char near Chiulee's place.
Initial plan was to do it at Chiulee's place but because the stall wasn't opened yet, we just had lunch and cake!
It turn out to be better though, at least we got a half hour break before having an emptier stomach for

 photo CIMG0917_zps979ca8bd.jpg

 photo CIMG0908_zps6519d94c.jpg
Jojo's mother did the pouring and all.
Everyone didn't know the proper order so we just did however we wanted to. haha.

 photo CIMG0909_zps90bb0bea.jpg

 photo CIMG0910_zpse7895f02.jpg
Lucky they gave us two packets.
A little bit sad that we were given another kind of fish instead of Salmon though. But it was still nice. Lol.

 photo CIMG0914_zpsfcc5fbf1.jpg

 photo CIMG0920_zps3d73c2f2.jpg
And I'm guilty for not cleaning up this time. :x

 photo CIMG0929_zps7ee9f79c.jpg
Thereafter, we sat around just for a little bit before leaving.
&I took the chance to take pictures with everyone!

Pictures in tinted blue because I was using one scene mode on my camera~

 photo P1020040_zpsa9c0b13f.jpg  photo P1020056_zps326268b9.jpg

 photo P1020057_zpsdbad9b19.jpg  photo P1020038_zpsf2f8463a.jpg

 photo CIMG0926_zps8889dca8.jpg

 photo P1020061_zpsb4f98b23.jpg  photo P1020036_zps80d058bf.jpg

 photo P1020059_zpsce4d3303.jpg  photo P1020062_zpsc26d7f48.jpg
psst: My smile is all weird in the picture with Soohou because prior to that shot, Jolene's mother stuffed us with pineapple tarts! Lol.

 photo CIMG0927_zps73cf782d.jpg

 photo P1020037_zps90fc4607.jpg  photo P1020058_zps0ae525fd.jpg

 photo P1020055_zpsc5a303af.jpg  photo P1020063_zps0b1b6400.jpg

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 photo P1020060_zps9cc98ccb.jpg  photo P1020066_zpsafa62643.jpg

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Yes, I took a lot of pictures with chiobu Karena. Lol.

 photo P1020041_zps33a03412.jpg

 photo P1020042_zpsd3a7b155.jpg

 photo P1020043_zps1907ad2b.jpg
Monkey Lance!

 photo P1020044_zpsa2848841.jpg

 photo P1020047_zps1f03e643.jpg
&Here's us after taking group shots.
We're all laughing and smiling because...... I can't remember. :/
Group shots here were really nice therefore, they all got arranged in other part of this entry. ^^

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 photo P1020064_zps58daabc5.jpg

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Final stop @ Lance's Place!

 photo CIMG0941_zps691ef8cf.jpg
First thing we did was gamble.
Played 'Inbetween'.
Fun. Win and lose money very fast though.

 photo CIMG0942_zps4787d24a.jpg
Our pool of money.
I think our pool of money got up to more than $60 at one point. Lol.
And we all started with just $0.50 per person. :O
Soohou lost the most because he bet big money!

 photo CIMG0943_zps616ce211.jpg

I was barely winning until Weishan gave me a good range of cards and I went all-in.
WIN ALL THE MONEY!!!! hahah.
End up winning about...... $6? After the entire game. (Y)!
My spousey is my ladyluck. HAHAHAAHAH. :p

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 photo P1020069_zpsed325ba3.jpg

 photo P1020070_zps9e9d16fa.jpg

 photo P1020071_zps60c25e83.jpg

 photo P1020072_zps323b72c5.jpg

 photo P1020073_zps7ea0a1dd.jpg

 photo P1020074_zps42ab7586.jpg

 photo P1020075_zpsa6593802.jpg

 photo P1020076_zps8df18b5e.jpg
Especially at Soohou.

 photo P1020077_zpsa154465e.jpg

 photo P1020078_zps1b8a3e66.jpg
Everyone unprepared and Gary's just there clicking on my remote. Tsssssk.
Except Lance who just look totally unimpressed. Lol.

 photo P1020079_zps7f15afef.jpg

 photo P1020081_zpsceea2603.jpg

 photo CIMG0949_zps8bdaea6d.jpg

 photo CIMG0950_zpsed615905.jpg

 photo CIMG0955_zps929f4a5a.jpg

 photo CIMG0957_zps05dddf60.jpg

 photo CIMG0954_zps41f78a7c.jpg

We stayed a little longer in Lance place before some gave Soohou a ride home and the rest of us proceeded to Plaza Singapura for our Lasertag. HEHEHE.
Averagely, we were at each other's place for about an hour. Even though we exceeded our scheduled time by a little, we were still able to finish everything we have planned. ^^

 photo P1020089_zps9bdae76a.jpg

First mission was a solo fight.
I initially thought we'll have 20 minutes of game place but it turns out to be only 15 minutes.
But in just that 15 minutes, we had a lot of fun. The girls screamed a lot. Lol.
And the guys, especially Gary, sweated a bucket. Lol.

I was very afraid that I would end up being the last because I kept being shot. x,x
Too lousy in this game.
But turns out I wasn't!!!! I'm the second last!!!!! LOL.
psst: Weishan was the last. HEHE.
But I think we were just 7% apart.

 photo P1020091_zps42514cf1.jpg

After laserops, we all headed down to The Cathay for dinner @ Astons.
Dinner was filled with many small talks! It's nice to have small talks like these, but I'll always prefer the entire clique do something together or chat as a whole (lol). :3
Because it was a Sunday and most of us have school and work today, our night ended at around 10pm.

The night didn't end just like that for Jolene and Karena though.
We finish off the night with a good chat until 3am this morning. HEHE.
&Of course, I didn't go to work today. :X

Our second heart-to-heart talk session.
Would have been perfect with Weishan but I'm still glad we had the session. ♥
After each heart-to-heart talk, we get even closer. And I get to understand them even more.

&There you have it.
Our Sunday together celebrating the Lunar New Year, our anniversary and Samuel's birthday! ^^

 photo P1020046_zpsebc65fbb.jpg

It's been 7 years being friends with them.
How surreal. So much time has passed.

To think we started off as tweenagers seven years ago, and is now still going strong as young adults.
Lets all grow old and senile, &then be friends again!!! xD
^Got it from some picture Jolene whatsapp-ed us once. HEHE. :')

Each year, and during every meetup, I feel nothing but thankful and loved.
Thankful to have been blessed with these many wonderful friends.
&Loved because.... they love me?! LOLOL. I hope so.
I definitely love them all though.

I am just grateful to have randomly got together with them, and then continue to become really good friends.
13 or 10 of us. I treasure this friendship.
I am even more grateful to have gotten closer to Weishan Jolene and Karena; because of NPCONCC.
It's like I got myself three sisters from different parents! Lol. My three precious girlfriends. ^^

Okay, mushy thoughts aside.

We'll be 26 by then. OMG OMG OMG!!!

 photo P1020080_zpsfe8e0949.jpg

 photo P1020053_zpse36a5cce.jpg

 photo P1020048_zps63742f11.jpg
After Karena tried to punch my boobs. LOL.

 photo P1020049_zps57c19f60.jpg
Super love this picture, everyone so happy!!!
One picture to sum up our friendship.
Nothing but all smiles and sometimes stares from other people (Like Lance & Gary).

 photo P1020082_zpsda72074d.jpg

 photo P1020050_zps030f2a40.jpg
Prosperity Toss with my hair too? xD
ps: I'm so going to miss my current hairstyle. :(

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