Saturday, February 08, 2014

Second CNY Visiting! :D

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Today has been a great day with this group of friends I've known for 10 years now. ^^

Finally got to go visiting with them again this year! :D The last time we did it was like in 2010. :O
It was fairly simple today, started out at Kesslyn's house and then ended at Edmond's place.
I would go into details but my memory is failing me. Lol.

Nevertheless, today was really fun!
Visited and gambled a little with them. I finally know 90% of how to play blackjack!!! :D
I know it's very simple and quite stupid to only understand 90% of the game... I just get confused with the paying part.

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@ Kesslyn's place.

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@ Bing Cheng's

His dog went missing.
But lucky for us, it came back when we were still in his house. HEHE.
Played with it a little. Freaking cute! :3

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There's also Li Jian and Edmond with us but as usual, they are never interested in taking pictures.
&Pardon me holding my handphone, was using remote to take pictures. HEHE.

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Mickey cameo!

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Mickey looks happy here. xD

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Visiting ended at Edmond's place but the day ended at The Factory.
We had dinner at Nex and walked to The Factory for some desserts! ^^
I seriously need to stop craving for icecream!

Even though we only did visiting, it was really exhausting! Never knew sitting and travelling around can be so tiring. x,x Ah! We also had a free lunch at Jiaxuan's brothers' Wanton Mee stall. Courtesy of Jiaxuan! :D Everyone enjoyed the meal and agreed that the food was good! (Y)! ^^

Oh oh. The most memorable thing about today's visiting is Kesslyn's sudden breakdown during mahjong and her being all sianed.
Have been friends for so long now, but it's the first time I see her go all moodless. :O
Also, she teared because we... kindda pressured her. Lol. She doesn't really know how to play mahjong and everyone went overboard with the teasing and teaching. Still uh, this girl damn cute.

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&Now I'm going to rest my old bones and get all geared up for another round of visiting tomorrow with my Happy Pills! ♥

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