Wednesday, February 05, 2014

First Lou Hei With The Family!!! :D

THIRD ENTRY TODAY!!!! A record broken for the year 2014. Bwahahhahahaha. I know, lame. I just wanna pass time now so I can sleep on time and not screw up my body clock.

But then again, who am I kidding?! Sleeping past 10 and before 11 is good...... :/ I'm just feeling very full from dinner so I'm going to waste a little time before going to bed. ^^

 photo P1000345_zps0f40b3ce.jpg

Mother invited a few of our friends for dinner at our favourite Chicken Rice restaurant, "Pow Sing Restaurant". It was more like Kesslyn wanted to visit my mother for the Lunar New Year but my mother don't really want people coming to our house this festive so she gathered everyone for a good dinner! :D

Also because my mother wanted to order a wider variety of food because if it's just the four of us, we'll have our usual few dishes. My mother ordered too much in the end though. x,x

 photo P1000325_zpsb7de100b.jpg
With my sister and her friends who can also be considered as my sisters too.

 photo P1000326_zpsba0d12a7.jpg

 photo P1000327_zps49811cd1.jpg

 photo P1000328_zpsb0d24c6b.jpg

 photo P1000330_zps7d5d6319.jpg
Mother fake smile. x,x

 photo P1000331_zps75b002b2.jpg
I keep finding opportunities to louhei but this is sadly only my second one this year. :(

 photo P1000333_zps0cd7d812.jpg

 photo P1000335_zps34b42405.jpg

 photo P1000336_zps3b4ba1a7.jpg

 photo P1000337_zps3516d687.jpg

 photo P1000338_zps2fc8647b.jpg
See what I meant by ordering too much?! Lol.

 photo P1000340_zps2db988c5.jpg

 photo P1000341_zpsc7c62de6.jpg

 photo P1000346_zps8bec2602.jpg

 photo P1000347_zps228dc93f.jpg

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 photo P1000349_zps9af12068.jpg

After dinner, my mother specified that those who are above 21 years old would not get a ride around. HOW NICE! So in the end, the three of us went by some new place in Serangoon Gardens for some Ice Cream!!!!!! I've been craving for icecream so badly these days, it's so unhealthy!!!!! But totally satisfying for me. :x

 photo P1000350_zps37d6fa95.jpg

 photo P1000351_zps6bb90af2.jpg
I liked the icecream here! Very... gooey but nice.

 photo P1000344_zpse8e714a8.jpg

Okay, I'm tired now. Goodnight! :D

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