Monday, August 04, 2014

First Day.

Yesterday, I was filled with a myriad of emotions:

I was excited.
I was anxious.
I was looking forward, anticipating.
I was a little dreadful.
I was worried.
I was wondering.

I was... I was... Just curious and... curious.

I was curious about the work I'll be doing, and of my work environment and colleagues.

It all begins today. A year in this new place.

All I hope for now, is to feel like how I feel right now. Happy and excited for another day at work. No dreading the next work day, please? Oh oh! And, I hope to meet more people at work and make friends. It's only the first day, but I have a weird feeling that I won't be making any work friends this time round. :(

I'm super happy and excited for another day at work because I've been blessed with a really nice, bubbly and encouraging supervisor. She made me feel so extremely comfortable during the interview and has made my first work day really enjoyable (even though it was a little boring).

Some pictures!

 photo 20140804_114659_zpsbca43f1a.jpg
Random selfie when my colleagues weren't around and I was bored. :X

 photo 20140804_114611_zps5b6461cd.jpg
Here's my work environment.

Shared with two others, one of whom is my supervisor (she's right beside me).
We're seated infront of a wall, in a corner and with a walkway behind us.
Everyone keeps walking around, it was distracting.
There's hardly anyone around my workstation. Just us three. :(

The room beside our desk is some mock bank (also the room infront of us).
The people there are ones who we'll hardly get to share eye contact with. Lol.
 photo 20140804_124751_zps2a71a23d.jpg
Here's me, in the toilet. xD

Work sounds like a challenge. And I'm gladly accepting it. #challengeaccepted.

I have a little ambitious wish, I hope I would be good enough (&be interested enough) to be extended another year with the project. Even though it's a little way too early to judge my thoughts and opinions about this job, I just hope I'll be up for the challenge and be enjoying the job.

 photo IMG-20140804-WA0010_zpsa82b4b68.jpg

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