Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dead boring! xD

I miss my friends, all my good friends.
Yes, I do. lol.
Damn! I have been repeating this almost half a hundred times in the whole day!

Anyway, I really miss them. I really really really do! xD

Today's dead boring. Completed all my tasks too fast. Sigh. So much for saying there's too many things to do. I guess it's so much better to be busy than to idle around. When I was busy, time was like... ticking really fast. Like while I was calling some companies in the morning, the next thing I knew after completing the list, it was lunch time! hahaha. Was really hungry. xD

Before I leave, here's a stupid thing I've done:
Today, Jasmine was so bored in work that made her so sleepy. This caused her to enter the lift in her office, totally forgetting to press the next level she wanted to go and waited like an idiot for the lift to move like as if it could move on its own. -.-

Alright, here's a short post today.

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