Sunday, April 12, 2015

After Some Time Alone

I am baccck!!! :D After my not-so 'some time alone', my happy pills arranged an impromptu dinner meetup! :D I am never a fan of solitary, and can hardly understand why people enjoys being alone... I guess, I'm too talkative and bubbly to stay calm or alone. To not talk to anyone for too long.

Some me-time is always healthy, but I'm just not a huge fan of hanging out with myself. Sometimes, I drive myself crazy, even..... (kudos to my friends who can stand me lol)

 photo P1370458.jpg  photo P1370457.jpg
Caught 'Man Up' X with Jolene last night.
It's such a fun movie! One of my favourite this year, among the few other chick flicks I've watched.
I am liking Simon Pegg alot! British accent.... ♥♥♥

 photo P1370459.jpg
&Tonight's dinner date at Sunday Market X!

Food were not fantastic, but the companion made up for it.

It felt really long since we last met (just March X) because there was so much to update each other!
In just one month, many things have happened.. Not so much for me though. For the guys.. Adulthood has robbed us of our time with each other... All these soon to be rare meetups are going to be so precious! 

 photo P1370463.jpg
Every meetup calls for a series of selfies!! ^^

 photo P1370462.jpg

 photo P1370461.jpg

 photo P1370460.jpg
Till we meet again!

ps: Possibly after my cruise trip. Ehehehehehehe.

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