Saturday, April 11, 2015

Time Alone.

I had some precious time alone today. For the first time, I ran errands and went about doing my own things alone.

I've never really enjoyed time alone outside because it has always felt weird. It felt weird to be shopping alone. It felt weird to be walking around alone. It felt weird just being alone outside. I have no reasons why so... I just never liked being alone. If I was out alone, I would occupied myself with my head down staring at my phone searching for things to look at. Or sometimes, I hide in the toilet. Lol.

But today, I enjoyed this solitary. And I enjoyed it without spending too much time on my phone.

I didn't do much actually. LOL.

Today's first attempt at being alone was getting pampered from my head to toes! Went for my hair treatment, did my nails and went for facial. :D It was a long day out and I only got myself bread for lunch because dining alone is too much for starters. Lol.

Hmm.. Now that I am thinking about it, it wasn't exactly a time alone since I had people there doing my hair, nails and face. Like.... I was alone-alone for just about 30% of the time. :X BUT! The key thing is I was all alone doing all these for the first time! teehee. And and, I barely used my phone! I was mostly reading (salon) or watching TV (nail parlor) or just... sleeping (facial place). :X

I've always wanted, or rather needed, someone to be there together with me.... To have them sit there and waste time watching, waiting and chatting with me while I enjoy the session (unless they are doing something too). Now that I've enjoyed this little time alone to myself, I think I can start exposing myself to more of such alone time. HEHE.

A small step is better than a no step^^


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