Monday, September 07, 2015

Clique's Twin Turn 24!

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My favourite 'twin' is turning 24!
Welcome to the 2-4 club, y'all! :P One more birthday to go in October and......................... I'll  be turning 25. hahahha. Dammit. Woes of being born in the first half of the year. These babies were just born when I can already flip and sit on my own!! But I'm glad Singapore's education system don't split us like how Korea does! So grateful to have became classmates with Weishan back in Secondary 3, and then NPCONCC happened, to get us to where we are now. Bestfriends!!! :')

ANYWAY! I digress. Because their birthdays fall on a work day, we brought the celebration forward to the nearest weekend, yesterday!! Spent the whole day and evening together just eating, chatting and chilling. ♥

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Gary looking so attractive here. LOL!

Chiulee had to leave early, so she was there only for brunch, while Karena and Gary had activities and work in the day so they joined us in the evening.

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Flowers is always a nice gift. Especially for people who are as pretty as flowers. Hehehe. /cheesy
Yellow for Jolene and Red for Wei Shan! :)

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Brunch happened at Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters X
These soda tasted interesting! Something different from the mainstream.

I like the cafe! The setting was clean, clear-cut and very bright. I like bright places. :3 Food was nice too. Pass.

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Sweet Potato Fries to share

 photo P1390296.jpg
Kesslyn's salad. She's always choosing the greens and making the rest of us feel fat with our choices. Lol.
The fish was a little too salty though.

 photo P1390299.jpg
Jolene's Salmon. Not sure if it's nice because she didn't share. LOL! /kidding
She was going on about it not being her habit to ask if people wanna try her food. We just have to go for it. Lol. Had fun teasing her. Heh.

 photo P1390306.jpg
Soft Shell Crab burger for me! IT was okay. I like pickles!

 photo P1390310.jpg
Chiulee's Prawn Aglio Olio

 photo P1390309.jpg
Food for 4 because Wei Shan only drank and shared the fries.

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Desserts to wrap up the nice brunch.
I am starting to like tarts! They are expensive, but delicious! I'm never a citrius person, I always go for berries, but I like their lemon tart more!

 photo P1390314.jpg  photo P1390317.jpg
Looking so formal and distant here when we're more....................................

 photo P1390315.jpg  photo P1390316.jpg
.......... candid and happy around each other. Lol.

 photo P1390318.jpg  photo P1390319.jpg

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Bright places make all pictures look nice too! ^^
So... we took plenty!

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Heads going on the same level makes it look so neat. :3

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Brunch ended on a filling note. So filling that we didn't eat dinner when the other 2 joined us. Hurrr.

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Soon, it was night time............. :)

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Wei Shan brought us to this really nice place.
It was decorated with many fairylights and they were preparing for Halloween...

 photo P1390339.jpg
Pumpkin lights!

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Waited for quite a while for Gary and Karena to arrive. They took so long!!!!

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Gary's Fish and Chips

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 photo P1390348.jpg

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Sofa so comfy, they make you comfy!

It would have been a perfect place to hangout and camwhore if it was air-conditioned. Lol. Was kind of warm.
Our humidity makes my hair curl outwards, especially when it's warm and I hate it!

 photo IMG-20150906-WA0006.jpg

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The place was pretty empty. I think it was just us and a few other small groups around. Maybe.. 3 others?
So we made full use of the pretty place and the pretty lights to create more memories together in the form of.......... pictures!

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 photo P1390369.jpg

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Yeaps, I'm done. ;)

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