Thursday, November 29, 2007

A new level.

I was feeling pretty drowsy during the last half an hour of work but a good news woke me up!! Not so much of a good news though. Hmm. Manager talked to me today and, I'm leaving the front desk and moving on to the inside! YAY!!
Website Assistance, I think.

Although the reason for moving up is a little lame, I don't care; I'm still moving up and I'm learning even more than I was prepared too!! What more, I'm finally doing something that's very near to what I love and have been taught in school, IT!! hehe. My manager even promised to give me jobs for Poly attachment. hahaha. That's a little too early, so I'm not really gonna take it to heart – she might be patronizing me. xD

I sense the tension. No matter how much I want to know the truth, I don't have the courage to clarify. Yes, I may be sensitive but my instincts are seldom wrong. I know what I've done and I'm not someone who's overly sensitive. They just seem to link... I just hope I’m all wrong.

URG! I feel the urge to highlight my fringe again. ):
I need an outing with my friends!!

Might be getting pay tomorrow, YAY!
Anticipating, good night!

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