Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Bad Start. Good End.

Yesterday was a terrible day.

It was so bad, I told myself I must blog about it; so I'll remember how bad it was to remind myself how good the other ordinary days actually are.

Yesterday was my third day at work. Fortunately, work was good.
Although I still haven't gotten my laptop (until very much later today), I still got through it without dozing off on my notes and whatnot. xD

However, my morning was... bad. The day started off bad.
Okay. So yesterday wasn't exactly a terrible day. I only had a bad start.

(I'm so tired I'm blabbering with my fingers now! lol.)


Before I start ranting about the bad start (I actually typed it all out and realize it's too freaking long!!!? Should start with the good first. HEHE.), here's the good end.

Although my morning was crazy, I manage to have a good dinner with Cressa (only I was eating though). After visiting my Dad (he could only be discharged at 11pm), I rushed down to Junction 8 with terribly sore legs to find Cressa.

We had dinner at Watami and caught up with each other. ^^
I'm happy she's doing something she has passion for. :D

 photo P1350282_zps1dcc05a7.jpg  photo P1350283_zps528e9db2.jpg

 photo P1350284_zps199257b7.jpg  photo P1350285_zps743da5d2.jpg

 photo P1350286_zpsa0c8180c.jpg  photo P1350287_zpsf2a44cb3.jpg


So... My morning.
(Please skip this because it's too darn long)

I was up the usual time and got prepared for work just fine.

But, just when I was finishing my cup of water before leaving, my Dad had an extremely dramatic fall. He slipped really hard and fell on his head. From the corner of my eye, I saw him fly up! It was like... those cartoon characters slipping with their legs going up in the air and falling on their bum. My description with no exaggeration at all. Except, my Dad slip and fell on his head instead.

FORTUNATELY, he's all good.

Surprisingly, he said he did reiki on himself and healed. Lol. Would sound funny to anyone but the enormous bump on his head was totally flat by the time I saw him at night. When he fell, my mother and I got a shock. So shock and worried that my mother ran out of her bedroom half naked. It was a hilarious yet touching sight. Lol. She heard the loud thud and rushed out. :')

My Dad had to lie down on the floor for a really long time; to calm himself and his body from the shock before sitting up himself. I was so relieved to see him stand up on his own. Even though he felt fine and looked fine, the bump on his head was scary. It was so swollen and red, we were afraid there might be a clog. Mother, as usual, insisted and forced him to stay in the hospital. Lucky we did! Because we can now safety believe he's all fine. CT Scan gave a okay result. ^^

SO ANYWAY!!! Because my Dad fell, it made my heart drop and I'd left home a little later than supposed to. BUT, after checking the time for the next bus arrival, I was supposedly still able to catch the bus to reach office early.

In the end, two buses came at the same time and I missed both while crossing the road to the bus stop. I was extremely pissed. According to the bus estimation, I was still 3 minutes early! And the best part? Next arriving bus was 26 minutes away. -,- Couldn't believe my luck.

Luckily, another bus heading to Ang Mo Kio came. Boarded it and walked a lot to reach my work place. Could have took a bus to work from the interchange, but the next arriving one was 21 minutes away. Freaking hell. And to make things worse, I was going to be late, rushing to work and took the wrong route. =,= Had to backtrack and walk more. I was so frustrated!!! I manage to reach my office all sweaty and smelly three minutes late. x,x

(Something similar happened to me this morning too! Missed a bus because it was so so so crowded and the next arriving one was damn long later. Had to take the same route to Ang Mo Kio, then train to Yio Chu Kang and then brisk walk to work again today. URG THESE BUSES!!!)

After work, I wanted to rush for Chiropractic adjustment so I could go see my Dad at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. I must have a lot of luck with buses this week; The bus to the terminal was only coming 23 minutes later. I literally went wtf!!? Walking there would be faster. So in the end, I brisk walked all the way to the station all sweaty and smelly again. T^T

It was a terrible start for me!

I'm just glad the day ended on a good note.
Good meal. Nice catchup. Dad's fine. Everything's good. ^^

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