Friday, June 19, 2015

Just Us 4

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I'm feeling really happy today. ^^
It's Friday!!! Fridays are always good... &The weekend is finally here!! What better way to celebrate this wondrous transition than to spend it with your favourite people? hehehe.

It's also been a really long time since we last hungout together. Just us 4. Hmm.... Actually, it is very rare to have us 4 together... Just us 4, that is. We're always either missing someone, sometwo or having someone, some many else together. (Lol. I don't know why I'm typing like that.) I am not sure if this is for real, but according to what I've blogged, the last time we were hanging out together was back in 2013 (read here!) and it wasn't even really a 4 of us kind of thing because we later went to find Chiulee at her hostel. Anyway~ I digress.

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Skipped gym class for some Japanese food at Nex's Ichiban! :D
I should stop ordering Japanese curry rice though... So typical of me, even I'm sick of that predictable decision. Lol.

Just us 4... Sometimes, I like it when it's just us. No reason why, just... It's comfortable. Not that it isn't comfortable when we're together with the others... Just... girls, us 4... 😍 I guess the conversation differs when different people are around.. I have no idea why it's so, but it's just so... Lol.

ANYWAY! It wasn't planned to be just us 4... The rest were just too busy with their lives. Pfft. Lol. So, just us 4caught up with each other and roamed around Nex after dinner...

Singapore isn't boring, we're just all lazy to find things to do and places to explore.

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Came down from work with Jolene today.
Finally tried the bus 70 route from my office to Nex, and boy am I not repeating that route again.. It's so much more efficient traveling by train!

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Bingsu after dinner! :D
I think the best bingsu I've had in Singapore (till date) is the one I had with Jolene from Chick And Ken X.

That one was a lot more satisfying! A lot bigger and value for money too...

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We look like we have the same skin tone here. Tsk.. Must be the lighting, because it's definitely not so in real life! Lol.
So many shots and Weishan's expressions are almost the same la! Few more below and they still look similar. /boring

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But still pretty.

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Weishan's signature pose. hahahahahha.
Oh wait, do you see something? Or is it just a dark shadow behind? Hahahhaa.
ps: Just kidding, I love you Shan!

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