Friday, February 14, 2014

元宵节快乐!!!! :D


It's barely 9am but I'm all up and about this beautiful beautiful day. ^^ Missed work today because it's a triple special Friday for me!

Not only is it Friday, it's also THE LAST DAY OF THE LUNAR NEW YEAR!!! Which means, IT'S MY LUNAR BIRTHDAY!!! :D And of course, today's Valentine's too. All is special except I don't have a Valentine yet. :3

Anywayz, I'm all up and ready for my Friday at such an hour because my dear mother cooked Birthday Longevity Noodles for me!!! ^^

It is a dish that is regarded auspicious during birthdays and the 7th day of Lunar New Year as the long strands of noodles symbolize a long life. Woohoo! I don't need a long life, but I was craving for it because it's been a while since I last ate Vermicelli.

 photo P1020097_zps1f84f286.jpg
My mother even nicely plated my breakfast. HEHE! ♥
So much love early in the morning from my mother, who needs a Valentine!? xD

I was being a brat though; Requested for my mother to cook it and even insisted that she personally prepare it for me. Lol. For the past few years, it has always been cooked by her but prepared by ourselves; like pouring the soup over the noodles and all~ &For this last bowl of noodles before I go on to work all my life (no more studying for me until at least 4 years later), I insisted that she make it for me even if it means I have to wake up early for it. So there I was rubbing my sore eyes at 7:30am patiently waiting for my mother to prepare the delicious breakfast. ♥

Breakfast was delicious and it ended with two redpackets from my parents!!! So now, I'm too full to head back to bed even when my eyelids are feeling extremely heavy from the late night previously. x,x

Okay.... I'm gonna go watch some shows to kill time till my sister wake up for our Valentine date. HEHE.

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