Friday, February 14, 2014


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Valentine's this year was spent with the sister. ^^

A fairly simple day in town shopping and eating; I believe we ate a lot more than we shopped though. Lol. Sister was still feeling under the weather and there was nothing much we wanted to buy so we end up just window shopping and wandering in town.

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First stop was Au Chocolat!

A place I've promised to treat her to a good meal.
Just in time to reward her for completing her Final Year Project too! ^^

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We had Truffle Fries!

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Sister order Peanut Butter milkshake and I went with draft root beer float.
Sister's milkshake was nice but not my cup of tea. Lol.

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This was good. A bit too cheesy but I liked it!

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I'm still not a fan of such pasta.
Give me tomato and cream base!!!

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Camwhored a little outside. HEHE.

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&Then, we traveled down to Tangs to check out shoes!
We didn't really shop much and my sister wanted to sit so we end up having.......

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The most expensive Oyster Omelette my sister has ever bought!!!!
From Tang's Market.
It's $5 for a small plate.
Oysters were pretty fresh but the entire omelette was very..... soft. Not much texture.

And then we walked a little bit more before dropping by Krispy Kreme and then walked to Takashimaya to shop.
Checked out to see if they have the shoes my sister was looking for and then settled down again. LOL.

Jolene was super whiny and listless today. Possibly from the lack of sleep the past few days.
And to shut her from whining about the sore feet, we had tea at TWG.

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Super happy to eat Crème Brûlée. Kek.

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Got doughnuts for the night!

After an hour at TWG, we shopped a little more at Cineleisure before rushing back home for dinner. LOL!!!
It really does seem like we've ate a lot today, isn't it?

I swear I wasn't bloated at any one point!
Maybe just overeating a bit. :x Let's just hope it doesn't show on the weighing scale tomorrow. Lol.

Anywayz, after dinner with the parents~

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Second time having it and I still like it.

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Supposedly my birthday cake but these two just stole the limelight. x,x

I'm glad my parents likes the doughnut too. HEHE.

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