Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My 2013.

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​It is the time of the year again.

The time where we put behind all that has happened in the past 365 days and welcome the next 365 days​; starting afresh​.​​
Another year has passed. Another new year has come.

​How was 2013 for you?

2013 for me has been filled with nothing but plenty of good good memories.

It is actually unfair to do a collage of my year because there were way more good memories that I would bring along with me to 2014 than the 50 odd pictures I've put together. Then again, these 50 odd pictures deserve a spot in my collage because they were simply the best among the rest. :D

Of course, out of the 365 days in 2013, I've had down times too. In fact, there were almost half as much bad times as good times for me in 2013. I've just chosen to remember only the times where I've smiled and not frowned.

As for the days that were rough, I'll take them as a lesson.
A lesson that'll make me improve my judgement on people and situations.
A lesson that'll make me stronger.
&A lesson that'll make me a better person in life.​
Afterall, every single incident and people that we meet in life happens for a reason. If the people you meet are not to stay, they are there to teach you a lesson. Whether you know it or not.

​A few highlights in my year includes finding the magic, 22nd birthday surprise to the zoo, going overseas five times (twice onboard cruise and thrice to Malaysia), changing my hair color a lot of times(lol), losing a few (best)friends yet gaining experience to judge better and learn to let things go easier, freaking pass my last semester and graduating!!!!, ​winning and attending an event with someone I know online, having a more happening friendship with my clique, meeting up with an online pal, becoming closer with my family and a few friends and and and................. This is possibly not a good list of the highlights in my 2013 because I believe there are a lot of other good things that has happened but I can't recall as of now. Lol.

Anyhow, here's my usual recap of the year with pictures! Just click the pictures if you're interested to read about that memory. ^^

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Sorry, Gary.

Growing up is never easy. But I'm happy and very very blessed to have my family and some friends to go along this journey together. I feel even more grateful to the friends who have stayed true to me; not changing in behaviour or attitude towards me over time. I can only hope that I have the honour to stick with these wonderful wonderful people for the year 2014 and hopefully, the rest of my life.

As the year 2013 comes to an end, lets all forget every bad memories and experiences together with the beautiful fireworks that welcomes and celebrates the new year. :D

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