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My first JB trip with friends and it's with my favourite friends! ^^

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A picture to summarize our trip.
All smiles and in happy mood throughout the 14hours we were together.

Seriously, what have I done to deserve these wonderful wonderful people.

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Definitely the best way to end the year.
Even though we did not go on New Year's Eve, at least we were together when the clock strike 12mn to New Year's Eve.
So..... I'm going to insist this is how I ended my 2013. Bwahahahah! xD

After their crazy first trip to JB (I couldn't go because my mother was firm on her redlight), they said I really should try persuading my mother to let me to join them. They even mentioned how they've discussed to do up a presentation in formal wear to talk my mother into letting me join. Hahahahah. What cute friends I have.

And then, chalet happened. Mother checked in for us and was in the chalet for the toilet :x when I brought it up infront of Gary. I thought she would say 'No' again but instead, she coolly said "Go lo. Be back by 9pm." :O ?! What kindda sorcery is this?! I think she was already in the holiday spirit and wasn't really listening/thinking when I asked her. Lol.

Regardless; Gary shared the news and we started discussing available dates within the year just in case my mother change her mind (she's famous for that). And and and...... YESTERDAY WAS CHOSEN!! Woohoo.

Except, not exactly very woohoo since it was probably not that ideal to go on a New Year's Eve's eve. :/
THERE WERE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE JAMS!!! So many many cars; especially Singapore cars. :O

We met up slightly past 9am and got everyone in the car by 9:36am. The start of 2 hours jam started at 10am. We finally exited the custom around 12pm.

We were elated! And was super duper hungry.

BUT!!! With great luck, there were police checking Singapore cars. Checking if they have paid their fines issued by Malaysia. Amazing enough, we were one of them. So so so lucky. Zz In the end, we spent about an hour in the police station. Gary's car plate number has a few unpaid fines. One of them were issued in 1999. 1999?! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING US?! The car didn't even exist then and if it did, the car would have been scraped. Another was in 2003. -,- Concluded that they were fines by previous owner of the car plate since Gary's car plate number was bided.

Planned to wait for this person Gary knows in Malaysia to settle the fines but... real good luck happened. A kind auntie came up to us and shared that she has as many fines but was released after paying for just one, claiming that she doesn't have that much cash with her.

And,,, we were FINALLY off for JB at 1pm. Zzz

By then, we were famished.

Went for some fuel-ing and money changing before arriving at Aeon.

And............ before I start ranting with pictures we took, I must mention how much luck I've brought them in this trip! xD

After going through the jam (the girls even fell asleep!), we concluded that all these awesome luck must be due to me. The 老鼠屎 (direct translate: mouseshit. proper word: jinx). Lol. Since their first experience was very smooth sailing and with me joining, they have to rush to meet up curfew and now meet with many many many bad luck. Lol. Bad luck includes jam, the fine, more jams, sudden rain when we were going to the street market, even more jams, the closing of pirate ship and lastly MORE JAMS. Zzz

I guess I lived up to being the jinx. I was really lucky to actually be the only one who get drenched from knee below in the street market. Happened when the tent of some stalls in the street market suddenly decides to give way. :'( Gary was infront of me, Karena was just right beside me and the rest following behind. BUT, the tent just suddenly let go of all the water it was holding and gave me really wet shoes. :(

Gave us a really good laugh though.. Lol.


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After starving, A&W FOR BRUNCH/LUNCH!!!
Wanted to go for Bak Kut Teh but thanks to all the time wasted, we just went straight to the mall.

 photo CIMG1098_zpsa2778ccf.jpg

 photo CIMG1099_zpse58e0bd6.jpg
It is actually Jolene and Weishan's first time meeting.
They look so awkward here like it's their first time seeing each other.

 photo CIMG1100_zps766d882e.jpg
Had their corney, it was nice! ^^

 photo CIMG1103_zps5cb75688.jpg

 photo CIMG1104_zps01af58b5.jpg
Hungry Jolene is a sad Jolene.

 photo CIMG1107_zps7fd169b2.jpg

After lunch, we roamed around the mall.
&Then, played arcade.
Teamed up for a game of basketball to see who's to treat icecream.

No one wanted to team up with me. Weishan and Karena even cheated!
Tsk. Damn asshole.
And then, my team lost. LOL!
But, I don't think we treated any one icecream.
They probably forgot. Bwahahhahhah.

 photo CIMG1130_zpsf2f3d555.jpg
Camwhoring in the toilet.
There were good lightings!
Took plenty of pictures with these pretty girls yesterday.
There were so many, I had a difficult time choosing my favourites!
Loving Karena's camera, it makes us all look good all the time!!!! ^^

 photo CIMG1114_zps553e3158.jpg
Here's when Weishan was still in the toilet. :x

 photo CIMG1127_1_zpsc1ed0aa1.jpg
And when she came out.
I alternated our pictures to make it less repetitive.
But,, who cares, right? Lol.

 photo CIMG1115_zps1282c5cd.jpg

 photo CIMG1126_1_zpsa6637257.jpg

 photo CIMG1117_zps403d4763.jpg

 photo CIMG1125_1_zpsafaf6a81.jpg

 photo CIMG1118_zpsbece9557.jpg

 photo CIMG1124_zpsc68c070e.jpg

 photo CIMG1119_zpsf21eaff7.jpg

 photo CIMG1122_zpse7fb9c43.jpg

 photo CIMG1120_zps8924078a.jpg

 photo CIMG1121_zps9f15c41d.jpg

 photo CIMG1131_zps91c9f05f.jpg  photo CIMG1132_zps59f94b29.jpg
Our outfit of the day. And there's Karena talking to the guys. Teehee.

After all the shopping, playing and roaming around, we decided to go for some popsicle from PopStar.

 photo CIMG1139_zpse88af27a.jpg
This was the most embarrassing picture we have ever tried to take.
As you can see, there are 'rocks' at the bottom of the picture.
We'd placed our camera alongside the edge(?) of a restaurant.

While taking our pictures, EVERYONE in the restaurant turned to look and stared at us.
Some were even smiling!
And we were in a camera mode where we have to wave our hands to take a picture.
Imagine the embarrassment. LOL.

But then again, heck luh #YOLO and we were in Malaysia! xD

 photo CIMG1143_zps66debead.jpg

 photo CIMG1145_zpsae4c82de.jpg
Weishan, Jolene and Samuel all went for Banana Nutella (boring!!!!)
Gary went for Avocado Milk which he totally hated.
Karena went for Thai Milk Tea and I went for Dragonfruit and Lime.

I LOVE MINE!!! Banana Nutella was weird for me.
Jolene doesn't like mine though...

And why am I describing the icepops?! lol.

 photo CIMG1144_zps7b240399.jpg

After icecream, we headed off to the next destination!

 photo CIMG1152_zps635a10f3.jpg
Us and our stained tongue because we're cool.
(plus one act yige Jolene)
Mine was really purple and Karena was orange. Lol.

 photo CIMG1157_zps5fe2cfba.jpg

 photo CIMG1158_zpsa1fb6884.jpg

 photo CIMG1159_zpsfe6128b8.jpg

 photo CIMG1162_zps18690be3.jpg
I didn't include any of her camwhoring shots (without them already have 100+ pictures to upload please) but this has to be up here because of Weishan's glare. LOL.
Funny. Always glaring at people. O,O

 photo CIMG1167_zpsa797b1fd.jpg
&While we were on our way to the next destination, we occupied ourselves with more selfies!!!!

 photo CIMG1164_zps8fa2e102.jpg

 photo CIMG1165_zps3453ec41.jpg

 photo CIMG1166_zps5240f71e.jpg

 photo CIMG1168_zpseadd0e54.jpg

 photo CIMG1169_zpsfb49db84.jpg

 photo CIMG1171_zps8071aedd.jpg

 photo CIMG1172_zpse0f13685.jpg

 photo CIMG1174_zpse24920ad.jpg
How much he covers the picture shows how big his head is. :x

The roadtrip was crazy fun all thanks to the girls' constant attempts to suck up to Gary. Lmao.
Praising him (a lot wtf) and sabotaging each other to make him leave us in JB. LOL.
Of course, Gary would never leave us in JB.
All for the fun of it.
Have to admit there were all super funny and sometimes a bit too cheesy. Lol.

But all the lies they said........ :O LOL.

 photo CIMG1175_zps3ff3f677.jpg
With the boys, all together now! :D
ps: Our car was stationary. Duh!

 photo CIMG1176_zps921b0d7b.jpg

 photo CIMG1177_zpse9ab2c4d.jpg

 photo CIMG1178_zpsef20ede1.jpg

 photo CIMG1179_zps5f9a80b5.jpg

 photo CIMG1180_zpse3889d79.jpg

 photo CIMG1181_zpscbae2c3d.jpg

 photo CIMG1182_zps64aaf712.jpg

 photo CIMG1183_zps5170536b.jpg

 photo CIMG1184_zps7b6a5a89.jpg

So......... We took a really long car ride to the next mall.
Except... There was no next mall.
Gary lost his way. :(
In the end, we stopped by some pier to take group photos! ^^

 photo CIMG1190_zps0bacdab0.jpg
Gary trying to be a model.
But a female model.
Guy models don't pose like that right?!
Must be instincts. :X

 photo CIMG1191_zps14e16473.jpg

 photo CIMG1192_zps05ff318e.jpg

 photo CIMG1193_zpsf105deb7.jpg

 photo CIMG1194_zps2eb4c1e1.jpg

 photo CIMG1195_zps1bd75794.jpg
This place reminds me of Keppel Bay.
But of course, Keppel Bay looks way nicer. :x

 photo CIMG1199_zps0cd4b67d.jpg

 photo CIMG1201_zps7675474f.jpg
And then here's Gary going damn gay it's hilarious!!!! Lol.

 photo CIMG1203_zps18e483c1.jpg

 photo CIMG1204_zps320be92e.jpg

 photo CIMG1205_zps8c482d6c.jpg
Here is like Gary going "Hey, I'm a bird, I can fly!" or something.
Why he got so many funny pattern one!

 photo CIMG1196_zps3530dbe2.jpg

 photo CIMG1207_zps248c6a32.jpg

 photo CIMG1210_zps67c10f5b.jpg
I have no idea why we're doing this too.
And I was the one who suggested it. :x

 photo CIMG1211_zps25ab9a00.jpg

 photo CIMG1214_zpsa82b7d9e.jpg
Karena found a new angle to take pictures!!

 photo CIMG1216_zpsd37576bd.jpg

 photo CIMG1220_zps289ff266.jpg

 photo CIMG1221_zps70423a0e.jpg

 photo CIMG1222_zps8ad81b72.jpg

 photo CIMG1223_zpsd759a9c7.jpg

 photo CIMG1224_zps4012fdd6.jpg

 photo CIMG1225_zpsafb33f62.jpg

 photo CIMG1226_zps13781a40.jpg

 photo CIMG1227_zpsb4a81a7c.jpg

 photo CIMG1228_zpsa09bb8d4.jpg

 photo CIMG1229_zps2943abf2.jpg

 photo CIMG1230_zpsd6589b87.jpg
Weather for the day was fine.
Lighting was awesome.
All our pictures turned out so nice!

Our next destination was some ulu building.
It's a bit funny what we did there........

 photo CIMG1262_zps55cc0896.jpg
xD We played a few rounds of Table Tennis.

When I share that I did this, many people couldn't understand why the hell we would do that. But it was fun and really funny. The uncle who was the only one there was entertained by us too! I caught him smiling when we were making hell lots of noise.
Lucky for us, the place was empty.

 photo CIMG1233_zps24bba866.jpg

 photo CIMG1235_zpsc34b7c34.jpg

 photo CIMG1240_zps1983b3b4.jpg

 photo CIMG1241_zpsf8552230.jpg

 photo CIMG1245_zps13650efd.jpg

 photo CIMG1252_zps0647d8d6.jpg
Us after feeling sweaty from a few rounds.

 photo CIMG1253_zps36a8ecac.jpg

 photo CIMG1254_zps178b7002.jpg

 photo CIMG1258_zpsdbadaf5a.jpg

Seriously, it's only with these people that even Table Tennis can be that crazy and fun of a game.
I think we should try staring at each other. See if we can make that a crazy fun thing to do too. LOL.

 photo CIMG1259_zps60cbdc10.jpg

After an hour of Table Tennis, we went to the roof of the place and took some pictures. :)

 photo CIMG1266_zpsdbf1b5bf.jpg
Found this really nice circle.

 photo CIMG1267_zps3d47f6c8.jpg

 photo CIMG1268_zps9a70246a.jpg

 photo CIMG1271_zpseb554c03.jpg
I kindda got bored from this shot on. :x

 photo CIMG1272_zps56ae5892.jpg

 photo CIMG1273_zps02e29bff.jpg

 photo CIMG1274_zps65d84713.jpg

 photo CIMG1275_zps3a71e601.jpg

 photo CIMG1276_zpsf211cf18.jpg
Karena chasing us away because she wants a solo shot.
&Her reaction that way because someone probably told her we were going to just leave her there. lol.

 photo CIMG1278_zpsa4b6631a.jpg

 photo P1150771_zps7bc6dcba.jpg
So while she was at that, the three of us took the chance to take a picture without her! xD
She's always budging in!

 photo P1150773_zps7c0a7d7e.jpg  photo P1150774_zps91c2b2fe.jpg

 photo P1150775_zps6bedee3a.jpg photo P1150772_zpse5f6ecfd.jpg

 photo CIMG1303_zpse347271c.jpg
They also took a few jump shots.

 photo CIMG1297_zps5b3617db.jpg
&only Samuel's was freaking nice!

After this, we left for KSL Mall.

Aim was to check out their streetmarket.

When we finally found a parking lot and headed out, IT POURED!!!

Okay, maybe not poured. But it was raining a little heavy.

Zzz How lucky can we get?! It was grey all day but no signs of rain until before we wanna go to the streetmarket. Zzz We end up going around the mall for a bit. And then, the rain became drizzle.

 photo P1150795_zps7083ec90.jpg
They sell a wide variety of things!
Like the usual pasar malam you can find here but with wet market stuffs!

 photo P1150789_zps7c622d96.jpg

 photo P1150791_zpsd31bb099.jpg

 photo P1150793_zps5d4ded94.jpg
This is very nice!!
But I think it's because I haven't had market's soya bean drink for the longest time. x,x

 photo P1150796_zpsfb521242.jpg
Uncle frying VERY VERY GOOD black carrot cake!
We bought 3 packets for two to share one.
We should have gotten one packet each or at least get the big packet. T^T

Not enough at all and it was soooooooooooo good.

 photo P1150797_zpsf564d56f.jpg

 photo P1150798_zpsdd9abd94.jpg
I really wanted to give corn a miss.
BUT DAMMIT! They have at least 3/4 stalls along the entire stretch. Zz

End up getting the BBQ-ed and the steamed one.
Still love steam ones best. Sweeter! BBQ ones has the charred taste but... meh.

 photo P1150800_zps9b8e5fc4.jpg

 photo P1150802_zpsd475a357.jpg

 photo P1150803_zps2f04fd86.jpg

 photo P1150804_zps12bfa7f2.jpg
&Then, we left for the funfair.

But with my 老鼠屎 luck, we were caught in a jam on the way out. LIKE SERIOUSLY?! I was so frustrated. Lucky there was the carrot cake to keep me distracted. We were like kidding how when I alight, the jams would instantly smooth out. LOL.

 photo P1150810_zpsd67aa73e.jpg
After what seems like forever, we've finally arrived at the main highlight of the trip.

 photo P1150816_zpsf556a9f8.jpg

 photo P1150828_zps7b7f26e5.jpg

I miss all these kindda simple games.
Must bring my kid to these kindda things when I have mine.
Too much advanced technology now. x,x

 photo P1150831_zps3cfc7b09.jpg

 photo P1150832_zpsb7ace122.jpg
And check out all it's poo. Ewww.

Played bumper car THREE TIMES!
It was really crazy fun and really violent to me. But the rest kept saying how it isn't as bad as the first time they played. LIKE REALLY?! I almost flew out of my seats a few times and my spectacles left my face TWICE!! :O These people are insane. Imagine how much more violent they were?!

 photo P1150811_zps8830e65c.jpg

 photo P1150815_zps85ea6088.jpg  photo P1150817_zpsd9567391.jpg

 photo P1150819_zps7c34c39b.jpg  photo P1150820_zpsf2410783.jpg

 photo P1150822_zpsce9e769c.jpg  photo P1150825_zps52a4c310.jpg

 photo P1150826_zps69e1ea46.jpg  photo P1150824_zps7febd6ae.jpg

 photo P1150818_zpsbf480a45.jpg  photo P1150827_zps500d25e8.jpg

 photo P1150834_zps9189955b.jpg

 photo P1150835_zps09c938c9.jpg

After all the fun madness, we got caught in another 2 hours jam.

Couldn't make it in time for my 9pm curfew. :( BUT NO REGRETS!
Because it was a really good time and my 2013 has ended with a good bang! :D

After finally exiting the custom, everyone was complaining they were hungry because we didn't have enough for dinner.
And then, we went to Upper Thomson for some Bar Cho Mee.
Filling end to our night.

 photo CIMG1198_zps4daa3a1a.jpg

 photo CIMG1123_zps236292d6.jpg

 photo CIMG1116_1_zps13557827.jpg

 photo CIMG1141_zps56cd0d98.jpg

 photo CIMG1128_1_zps53022829.jpg

 photo CIMG1170_zps19689765.jpg

 photo CIMG1261_zpsa353d266.jpg

 photo CIMG1129_zpsab729ad9.jpg

 photo CIMG1232_zps221f0127.jpg

 photo CIMG1269_zps08fc4d7c.jpg

 photo P1150776_zpsa8592e1a.jpg

 photo CIMG1197_zpsd945c956.jpg

Yesterday was not only a day we had a lot of fun in JB. But also the day we had a lot of rated talks thanks to Karena. :x Hahahahaha. Funny how Jolene kept exclaiming that we're too comfortable with each other.

AND OH! One of the funniest joke we had yesterday was Karena going "So, Japan is the capital of Tokyo?" HAHAHHAHAHAH!!! SO BIMBO! We were discussing about countries and their capitals when she said it. Even Jolene who was asleep couldn't help but smile. This girl too cute. ♥

So blessed to have known these people.

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ps: Last post of the year coming up! ^^

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